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Andy D ” I have 2 weeks left on my 90 day challange and I am currently down 65 lbs. My students don’t even recognize me at first they think I am a new student. I look younger feel younger. Thank you VI-NATION”

Roberta says, “Don’t mind if I jump right in here.. down 26 lbs and not through my first 90 days yet!! Between my husband & I we have earned 2 FREE BMWs!! Helped another team member earn hers & have popped off a few rising stars!! Thanks for the opportunity  Its a heck of a ride and soooo well worth it!!!”

From Rich. “OK, so I have lost 51 pounds in 45 days. I was trying to figure out what part of me I lost. I think I finally figured it out. Those were the 51 lazy pounds that never wanted to play with my kids, or go for a walk, or toss a ball around, or work out, or play kissyface with my wife, or work harder, or…or…or…. Man, I don’t miss those 51 pounds. Thank you BBVi challenge!!

Kerri Fulton Sundy  My mother had mini gastric bypass 2 1/2 years ago…lost about 65 to 70 pounds then plateaued within her second year. Since started Visalus in Sept 2010 she is down another 20 pounds and weighs less than she has in 20 years! And… she had her first NORMAL hemoglobin A1C since she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 10 years ago. The MGB saved her life and got her Type 2 DM under control where she was off insulin…but the shakes have improved her health even more and she feels better than ever. She is my business partner and ND with Visalus and we are having the time of our life!

SOO Glad I said YES to The 90 Day Challenge!!! It has truly changed my life FOREVER!!!!! Id lost “lbs” before starting the Challenge but didnt see the visable or physical results. I was losing my hair, feeling tired and BOOM, the 90 Day Challenge was JUST what I needed. For me the INCHES are what has made the hugest difference and I feel the best I have ever felt in my life! My doctor told me 6 years ago that if something wasnt done about my weight he guaranteed I would become a Type 2 Diabetic by the age of 40. Im now 33 yrs old and I can GUARANTEE HIM I will NEVER be a Type 2 Diabetet in my LIFE thanks to Visalus and what is taught me and who I am now because I just made a simple decision to GET STARTED!!!

Update from Dena Griffis Boyette “I love the shakes. They are so yummy. I have lost 2 pounds and 2 inches in bust and 1 in waist! I am exercising when I can and this is only end of my second week.”

Theresa Granmoe down to 100 lbs (original posted on ViSalus blog)

Theresa Granmoe, from Littleton, Colorado, has just reached her ultimate goal of being a ViSalus Century Club Member! At ViSalus Vitality event in July 2010 Theresa was crowned a Body by Vi Champion.81 pounds lighter, Theresa’s transformation landed her in Hollywood, California to receive her Hollywood Transformation Vacation.She received the red carpet treatment; Limousines, head to toe pampering, new wardrobe, a night out on the town with founders and management, and so much more!

Theresa’s  motivation when she began the Body by Vi  challenge was to look fabulous for her daughter’s wedding.

As ViSalus Body by Vi Champion it’s obvious that her motivation paid off!  When ViSalus  launched the Century Club at Vitality, Theresa’s next goal was to become a member.

Now she  the first female ViSalus CENTURY CLUB MEMBER! She has lost a total of 100 pounds with ViSalus products!  As a Century Club Member, Theresa will receive a ViSalus Century Club Membership pin, $500 in ViSalus  Sample Packs, and $500 in ViSalus Taster Packs .

Katherine Edna Boyette

My husband lost 21 lbs in 90-days. He had his annual physical last month and his doctor told him to continue taking Vi-shake.  He is sleeping better that his doctor told him that he is holding off putting him on the breathing machine.



With all the nutrition that’s in the ViSalus shakes, it’s NO WONDER I feel SO GOOD!! I can’t say enough about the difference this has made in my life. The fatigue from my MS was so bad I was on a Rx (Provigil) for “Narcolepsy” which I don’t have to take anymore!! No longer on antidepressant meds. and off 1 of 2 blood pressure medications!! I feel like a NEW me!!!

Phil Wentzel lost 4 pounds in week 1 and lost 5 pounds in week 2!

I had a radical hysterectomy at age 30 and was then diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma 3 yrs ago. Needless to say, my quality of life was declining quickly. Long story short, my husband and I were searching for help and I was blessed to find an MD who practiced natural medicine. After being sick & in bed for a year, I was slowly starting to feel alive again. Over a course of 6 months I gradually resumed working my Real Estate biz again but was still not the same as before I got sick.I still did not have the energy needed and was very careful as to what I scheduled in a course of a day/week. I was spending over $800/mo on supplemental medicine and organic foods. When approached with Visalus, my husband and I were encouraged and felt that if it worked a little and we could get it for FREE, what harm could be done :) low and behold, it DID WORK and WE DID GET IT FOR FREE!! within 3 months I was off ALL my supplements and finally got my life back. I feel wonderful and am finally a Mom and Wife again to my family!!

Chamonda Rush says: “Because of Visalus, I lost 20lbs and I just started the challenge Dec. 10th. Unbelievable!! My kids love the shakes too and I have energy to play the Wii all night with my kids. They laugh so hard at me now!! I’m in love with ViSalus!”

Update from Eric Mockerman, “They just got the results of my Uncle Ted’s recent blood work and his Hemoglobin A1c has gone from a 7.1 to a 6.1. His Dr. is taking him off four pills a day that were helping to control his blood sugar!!!

Thomas Hibbard

Hey everyone, this is the end of week 7 or day 49 of our Body By Vi Challenge. My wife, Jan has lost 33 pounds and I have lost 42 pounds. THAT’s 75 POUNDS combined! This is basically just from using the products. We have only worked out at the pool 5 times in the last 7 weeks.

Thomas Hibbard Update

May 23,2011 was our 7 month anniversary on the Body By Vi Challenge. We were Blessed by ViSalus as the Couples Champions with a transformation vacation in Hollywood & Las Vegas. Thank you Ryan, Blake, Nick & the ViSalus team for a wonderful experience! I have lost 103 pounds & 28 inches. Jan has lost 73 pounds & 31 inches. We have lost a 59 inch tall 176 pound person.

September 30 , 2012 WWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!! Size 38 jeans….This is something to be HAPPY about. I haven’t worn this size in 31 years!!!


Veronica Sanders just finished week 1 of her 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge. So far she lost 3 lbs, 1 inch on her hips, and 2 inches around her waist. Join the challenge!

Pamela Mendoza

The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is life changing I’m proof. I have lost 38 lbs. never felt better no more aches and pains, so much energy and I got my Sexy Back .It’s wonderful to feel good about yourself.

Tish Black-Hughes


Trista Smith  My triglycerides down from a staggering 247 to 88!!!!! Total cholestrol HDL Ratio from 5.88 way above the norm to 3.7!!! BMI FROM 25.8 to 18.5!!! Cholesterol from 200 to 167!!!! Now tell me BBVI AND EXERCISE DOES’T WORK!!!! all that and 56 lbs gone in 6 months.

Jerome Miller lost 27lbs and 14 inches in his first 90 days on the Body by Vi Challenge. His next challenge is to run his first ever 5k.

Angela W.  “I’m 30 days into my Body by Vi challenge and I’m feeling awesome. I’ve lost 16lbs. and overall 13″ of my body (6.5″ off my hips alone) I am so excited I’m reclaiming my life and health. If your on the fence about doing this challenge or if you currently doing this challenge start and keep going it will literally change not only the way you look but how you feel and look at life. God Bless!”

Jennifer Lukus

I am a living example that ViSalus can help people with Thyroid issues. I have struggled my whole life with this until ViSalus!! I just had blood work done last week and my thyroid is perfect! The doctor said, ” I don’t know what you are doing but whatever it is keep doing it”!! I have lost 43lbs and have never felt better!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ViSalus!!!!!! I am a customer for LIFE!!

Donovan Dwyer

Only on the challenge for 14 days and down 13.8 pounds.

Tamara Sands

I’ve lost 68#, 39″ overall, dropped from 22W to size 12 – still losing! Feeling AWESOME!

Daniele Mcfadden-Armijo

I have! Lost 40 lbs and still losing! It really works….

Christian Tennant

I lost 35lbs and still losing!

Tony Sama

49 pounds in 5 months.

Trista Smith

I lost 28 lbs in my first 90 day challenge, then the second one another 25.5. Total of 53.5 as of yesterday. 1.5 more for my ultimate goal of 55 ugly pounds GONE!

Peter Bunting

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Visalus & their product line. As a full time athlete (60+ hrs./wk.) in the sport of soccer for countless years, lol I did some pretty decent damage to the ole’ bod! My biggest issue WAS early onset athritis, where it was groing increasingly difficult to function “normally” on a …day-to-day basis. Visalus’ products & the 90 Body ByVi Challenge has rid me of the daily residual stiffness & pain that I was experiencing, not too mention, add about 6 lbs. of muscle, allowing me to run a 1/2 marathon & currently training for the full. Being an athlete that receives a sense of freedom from running….THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!!! Not too mention that I’m 42. So, I’ve got a completely new lease on life as I get older, dare I say I’m feeling younger? ;-) Thanks for representing me too what Visalus & The Challenge has done for me!

Tatum Quiroz

I am overweight and tired of living in my 20s not being HOT! Visalus has taken 7 lbs in two weeks from my body. I know that’s just the beginning. I am so excited to see my sexy body revealed. I didn’t think it would work for me but with the money back guarantee what did i have to lose!? i became a distributor and was truly amazed at the amount of people joined with me and because of me. I love knowing that i am changing lives and getting paid to do it!! Rising Star and Bimmer here i come!

Ron Pruett

For my wife and I, I have lost 37 lbs and my wife has lost 31 lbs. But more importantly we have more energy because of the product. As far as doing the business goes I would like to say that we are both retired now. We are absolutely unemployable

Barbara Ball

Good Morning Sunshine!!! Great day today!! Starting my 4th week of my challenge.. I’ve lost 5 more lbs and 2 inches AND just got into a pair of old size 5 jeans!! Also on a side note, off 2 meds now!! Huge when you don’t have insurance.

Tamara of Ohio

Down 66lbs since April, dropped from size 22W to size 12, reduced HDL by 42 pts, LDL by 65 pts, blood pressure normal, blood sugar normal, have more energy than I had in high school…give yourself the gift of health this holiday season and the years to come.

Amanda Graves Rivera

I started my challenge on October 21st to lose that last 10-12 lbs of “baby fat” from having two kids… 60 days in 10 lbs lighter! HDL Cholesterol down 30pts, LDL down 20pts… my husband ( he has lost 14 lbs) and I are starting a new 90 day challenge January and adding weights and cardio to lean it out some more!

Tamara Sands

Because of ViSalus I can now get up each morning feeling like I slept the night before because I no longer have apnea…because of ViSalus my cholesterol is back to normal levels along with my blood sugar…because of ViSalus I’ve lost 62# …since April 2010 and am still losing…because of ViSalus I can now wear the ‘skinny’ clothes I used to wear (size 22W to size 12)…because of ViSalus I can now play soccer with my grandson, carry him on my shoulders without pain or shortness of breath and just plain PLAY with him…because of ViSalus I have my life back to live for ME again…I love ViSalus!

Chamonda Rush

I started the challenge Dec. 10th and hav lost a total of 20lbs.Im n love with my shakes.It saves me time and money.My stomach has shrinked to the point where i cannot eat my entire dinner.I can only eat half.My bday is Feb.8th and I cant wait to shop where i couldnt for years.Thanks Visalus

Kristy Blankenship Blair

I am old school Body By Vi, been around since the beginning :) I will always be on the Challenge! I’ve lost over 25 lbs, numerous inches… Went from 16 to 12 in about 4 weeks!! Also use the Vi Pak, had total hip replacement in May and healed much easier and quicker than normal :) My daughter drinks a shake every morning before she leaves for school and is also ADHD. She now takes the Omega Vital INSTEAD of Focalin!!! These products are AMAZING!!!

Michelle Stover

Between my husband, myself and my daughter we have lost over 105 lbs. My husband lost 65#, won the male body by vi challenge, I have lost 20# and our daughter lost 28# and she’s 18…this product works

Mardra Semoine Chandler

I am UP one black BMW, DOWN 20 pounds, DOWN 2 jean sizes, LOST 5 inches in thighs, LOST 4 inches in chest, LOST 4 inches in hips, LOST 6 inches in waist! UNDER 200 pounds for the first time in 3.5 years… Drinking shakes that taste like Mc……Donalds’, still eating regular food, and STILL drinking lots of Champagne!!! THANK YOU VISALUS

Bonnie Harvey Kilgore

I started my first 90 day challenge the last of August. I have lost 30 pounds, reduced my A1C from 6.9 to 5.6, my cholesterol from 220 to 193 and my blood pressure to perfect! Body by vi has totally has changed my life and my health. Another thing, not only have I lost weight and gotten healthier, there is now not one but THREE FREE BLACK BMW’s in my family! Now that is a pretty sight at family gatherings!!!

Drexel Long

I’m on my 30th day of my 90 day fitness challenge. I am not trying to lose weight or gain muscle but maintain what I have created over the yr w/ running track and bodybuilding. I’m having great workouts and energy thru out the day. I feel good. I have visible abs. As a bodybuilder I only had abs when I was prepping for a competition or as a sports model when I had a photoshoot. With our products and me doing crossfit I’m in better shape…woohoo

Alex Bonds

Because of Visalus I’ve lost 42 pounds, drive a free car, won a cruise, got a free trip to L.A. and made enough money to keep from losing my home! Life (and Visalus) is great!

Matt Jeffers

My family of 4 took the Body By Vi Challenge & lost over 300lbs in 90 days, as a family. My wife & I won the couples championships in June of this year, went to Hollywood for our makeover & still have a cruise to go on. We love this stuff & IT WORKS. If we can get a 17yr old in high school to lose …over 75lbs & not complain, that should tell you this product works…

Rachel Stevenson Bragg

I went from a size 14 to a size 10 in less than 60 days! I have more energy, I am saving a ton of money and I am looking and feeling better everyday. I am getting compliments all the time on my weight loss. I have also gone unrecognized in the last couple of weeks, loving it. It’s easy, quick and it tastes so good! Join us and create your story.

Troy Hilliard

I have lost 40 lbs and went from 38 inches waist to 34. Dr took me off blood pressure meds that I have been taking for 5 years.

Desiree Farr

22 pounds in first 30. maintaining! Going for 2nd challenge – building  lean  muscles with Core Kit. WooHoo!

Eric K. Knight
My mother has so far lost 11 lbs. in her first month. My fiance has lost 5 lbs. in around a week. My fiance sister has lost 11 lbs. in 2 weeks, and my aunt lost 7 lbs. in a little under 2 weeks.
My mother has so far lost 11 lbs in her first month. My fiance’ has lost 5lbs in around a week. My Fiance’s sister has lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks, and my aunt lost 7 lbs in a little under 2 weeks