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visalus | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

Visalus National Success Training – Why Vi?

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Visalus National Success Training St. Louis -Why I am so happy to be here!
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Should I Buy Vi Shake or Order a Vi Shake Sample ?

Should I buy Vi Shake or Order a Vi Shake Sample?

The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example,  you may have a friend in another state who is a promoter for Visalus and you want to order Vi Shakes from her. But you would prefer to taste it first.  That would be a good reasons to order a Vi Shake Sample. Taste the shake mix that tastes like cake mix and then tell your friend you love it and are ready to order.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a connection and are just searching for Body By Vi Shakes on the internet it makes more sense to buy Vi Shake. Here’s why. Your initial order of Vi Shakes is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you order a Vi Shake Sample you receive just one serving- one shake. But if you buy Vi Shake and just order a $49 Balance Kit, you receive thirty shakes. Now you have the chance to try different recipes and also see how your body responds to two shakes per day for 15 days. If you love it,  go back into your account and buy another Vi Shake Challenge Kit. If you don’t like them, you can return the empty bag to Visalus and receive a full refund!!

Should I buy vi shake or order a vi shake sample   is a question I answer every day. Many people end up talking to me because  they decided to order a vi shake sample, picked up the phone because they saw a phone number on the page and preferred talking to a live person. In most cases, we decide that it is better for them to buy a bag for Vi Shake than it is to order a Vi Shake Sample. But in some cases, we determine that the sample situation is better for them.

Either way  – Don’t put it off any longer. If you’ve been investigating the Body By Vi Challenge and the Visalus Vi Shape Shake, get your hands on some. You will see why 150,000 people per month are joining the challenge all across North America. A Shake that tastes this good and works this well is hard to walk away from!

Did You Know – Visalus Edgy Awesome Social Media Power

visalus_social_mediaWith traditional advertising on the decline, social media has stepped in and connected users around the world unlike any communication platform of the past. ViSalus has made social media marketing one of its main focuses and the results have been incredible. The power of social media is being felt today like never before. See how Visalus does it!!
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Visalus Body By Vi Challenge Mission – Love This

FEEL the mission of Visalus Body By Vi Challenge come to life and into your heart in this video. Body By Vi Challenge . Life. Health Prosperity. What Is The Challenge?

How to Change Behavior for Successful Weight Loss

Losing weight is simple, though not easy. It requires proven steps, outlined in HBO’s The Weight Of The Nation and contained in this fun, exciting, effective and cost saving weight loss program.

Join us for our ongoing live radio series – Obesity Epidemic in America, on the Boomer Radio Network out of Denver, Colorado. Streaming live every Saturday morning at Noon Eastern Time, 10 Mountain time, 9 Pacific Time


Boomer Radio Network Highlights Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic is upon us. The newest HBO documentary The Weight of A Nation tells the story in amazing detail. It has put the issue in front of us along with how we change. Boomer Radio Network presents topics of interest to the Baby Boomer Generation. In this brief episode, we discuss the epidemic, willpower, agribusiness in the US and a simple way to get started making a lasting life style change.

Visalus Sales Increase Seven-fold to $231 Million in 2011 from 34 Million in 2010


Launched in 2005 as ViSalus Sciences and now known as ‘ViSalus,’ the company provides health benefits from weight loss and fitness milestones, or “Challenges”, to better one’s overall health and wellness. ViSalus’ product Kits support a range of fitness goals: Balance, Shape, Core, Transformation and newly launched Fit Kit and are used by people of all ages focused on creating and maintaining individually defined healthy lifestyle.

And this is just the first of some major announcements coming out of the Visalus Leadership Summit this weekend in Miami, Florida. Watch the news on Saturday morning, January 14, 2012 as Visalus goes MainStream!!

Don’t miss this boat!!



Visalus  (with Blyth) is now the top MLM for 2012 and the leader in the area of top health and wellness companies!


Visalus is “Stealing” Downlines in the United States and Canada

For direct selling facts and figures many turn to BusinessForHome.org

A recent post on this website was titled:

Visalus is Stealing Downlines in the United States and Canada

This post was shared over 2500 times on Facebook and is still going around. That should tell you something. Visalus Sciences has more momentum right now than any other home based business in the direct selling industry. More people are joining Visalus Science’s flagship program, the “Body by Vi Challenge” every month than some companies get in an entire year!!

2012 is the Year of Visalus. The company predicts that they will be the first company every in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing industry to become a Billion Dollar company operating only in North America. It has never been done before, but it’s being done now by Visalus Sciences. They expect to hit this milestone by March 2012!

This is truly the company to be hanging your hat with in 2012. Visalus Sciences will certainly be the best home business 2012!

To learn more about joining Visalus and promoting the Body By Vi Challenge, click here.


The Fallacy of Corporate America

The Matrix exposed the first Fallacy. “Neo” Nick Sarnicola recreates Neo to expose the Fallacy of Corporate America.

Ryan Blair’s Story – CEO Visalus Speaks

Visalus Sciences CEO Ryan Blair talks specifically about your entrepreneurs, President Obama’s jobs plan and how he went from Gang Member to Millionaire.

In his new book  Nothing to Lose, Ryan tells his story and the story of commitment, passion and making a difference. If you think Visalus is just another one of “THOSE” companies, think again. The Visalus Sciences story is a truly American Entrepreneurial Story.

Listen to a live interview with Ryan Blair, brought to you by ABC News