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visalus UK | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Vi UK – Body By Vi UK Overview Video

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Vi UK Body By Vi Overview Video

Gather all the information you need to join the Body By Vi Challenge in the UK  and begin your 90 day Challenge. Included in this video are also instructions for becoming an Promoter of Vi UK and earning income making an impact on obesity in the UK.

UK Visalus Products are able to be ordered right now at BestWeightLossShake.co.uk

We have step by step online Vi UK ordering instructions here if you want to follow along with the point and click video. POINT AND CLICK Body By Vi UK Ordering Video

Body By Vi Challenge Launches in UK

 Body By Vi Challenge Launches in UK!

The most popular 90 day weight loss challenge currently in North America, has made an announcement that they opened in the UK.   Visalus Sciences, the company behind the Body By Vi Challenge has been setting the wheels turning in the United Kingdom for the past few months and today announced that we are open for business across the pond.

Many companies that look to expand have to do a large review of just exactly how they are going to get their products out to these new locations. Luckily for Visalus they are partnered with their parent company Blyth.  Blyth’s experience in world wide direct sales and network marketing gives Visalus an amazingly stable platform for their European expansion. As the only company in network marketing history to ever reach one billion in revenue operating just within North America, Visalus is in an enviable and powerful position to take over Europe and the UK with the Body By Vi Challenge.

People who join the Body By Vi Challenge have the potential to get their products for free by referring three friends, and they also have the possibility of winning cash prizes even if they are not a distributor for Visalus and its product lines. What is so different about Visalus from other companies is how they embrace technology so open armed and willingly. This one major difference is what made their success in North America, and likewise will play a huge beneficial role for them as Body By Vi launches in the UK, changing peoples lives for the better.

Who is Visalus looking to meet in the UK?

As a new company in the United Kingdom, Promoters of the Challenge are looking to meet  people who are hungry for change in their life, their health and their prosperity.  UK and Europe as a whole is not far behind the US in obesity. The opportunity to earn an income from home while addressing this epidemic, is huge! Click the link below now to learn more today about Body By Vi Challenge launch in UK.



Are Visalus Shakes Available in Europe

Are Visalus Shakes Available in Europe?

Right now there are plans in the works for Visalus to launch the Body By Vi Challenge in Europe or the UK. Details as to  mainland European Visalus will be announced in just  few weeks.

In the meantime, many are asking questions about how to get Visalus shakes in Europe. For years now, people in North America have been personally sending Vi shakes to friends in the UK and in Europe. It is a cumbersome process, but it has been working and people overseas from the North America are loving the Body By Vi Challenge and the Vi-Shape Shake.

Once Visalus launches the Body By Vi Challenge in the UK or Europe it will be much easier for everyone outside of North America to engage. When details are announced you will find them here on this blog both in a separate blog post and attached to this article. Mark as a favorite and come back often for all Visalus overseas expansion updates.

If you would like to be notified ASAP, as soon as the Body By Vi Challenge a launches in UK or Europe or anywhere outside of the US and Canada, add your name to our Visalus European Expansion Notification List.

Taking Visalus Global

Are they taking Visalus Global?

Visalus Sciences announced last year that they would be expanding into Europe sometime in early 2013. visalus_global_expansion The March 2013 Visalus National Success Training is where the exact location of Visalus in Europe will be announced. Many are wondering and speculating and rumors continue to fly.

Whether Visalus opens in the UK or Europe, one thing we know for sure is that the Visalus Global expansion is just beginning. Regardless of where you live on the other side of the “pond” – you can expect Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge to be coming soon. Based on deductive reasoning, one can surmise that the next countries to open will speak one of the three languages that are now available for all Visalus trainings and documents: English, French, Spanish. This leaves the UK, France and Spain as the next logical choices. Mexico makes sense too, but they have clearly stated “Europe”,  so that is not on the short list – at least today.

Body by Vi Promoters are most likely wondering how to take their Visalus business Global ; what should they be doing?  Here is where the combination of the internet and global networking come in to play. The key to expanding your network marketing business into another country is to cultivate relationships that develop into team leaders in that country. Unless one is an internet whiz kid, it’s not going to be that easy to reach the average customer in another country from one’s own. But if you can find and develop a leader from that country  in your team, you will begin building your global foundation.

Social Media , particular more business oriented sites like Linkedin are a wonderful way to connect with people of influence across the globe. Taking Visalus Global means that US and Canadian promoters will be opening their eyes to different cultures and experiences.  If Visalus opens in the UK,  there will be little language barrier for most. If Visalus opens in Europe, particularly France or Spain – our French and Spanish speaking promoters will have a distinct advantage.

Regardless of where the Visalus Global Expansion begins, we know that once it starts it will spread like a firestorm. The #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America is moving past borders. The mission of solving the obesity epidemic is one needed throughout the world. Just this past year, obesity surpassed malnutrition in scope of the problem. It’s time to Take Visalus Global.

Are you up for The Challenge?!