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visalus shakes | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

Where can I buy Body By Vi Shakes in US and UK

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Where can I buy Body By Vi Shakes in the US and UK?

Body By Vi Shakes, the core of the Body By Vi Challenge.  Search as you may, you will be unlikely to find the Vi Shakes in your local grocery or health food store. Vi-Shape Shakes are easy to buy online right from the comfort of your home in the US, Canada and UK, Here is how.

1. Go to www.BestWeightLossShake.com

2. Choose your country and language in the top right hand corner

3. Scroll down and pick your Body by Vi Challenge Kit

4. Follow the steps through the screens

5. If you have questions in the US and Canada, call 970-209-7473

6. If you have question in the UK, send connection request and a message through SKYPE to “itsallsuccess”

Get Healthy with Shakes Twice A Day – with Chef Marion

Thinking about staying healthy for the holidays?

Wanting to Get Healthy in the New Year?

Get Healthy with Shakes Twice a Day

Chef Marion interview Deborah Tutnauer about the Body By Vi Challenge

Two shakes per day melts the pounds away! Learn more in this informative and funny video/interview!

Weight Loss for Boomer Generation – Why is it different

weight_loss_boomer_generationThe Boomer Generation is the healthiest generation in this age range in history. We could easily call  sixty (60) the new (40). I know that my grandparents at sixty years old were not nearly as healthy, vibrant or active as most sixty year old’s I now know.

But even with all this vibrancy and focus on exercise and nutrition, weight loss for the boomer generation is still harder than for those in their twenties and thirties. Our metabolism is slower and our ability to retain muscle mass is challenged. Thus it is even more crucial to maintain lean muscle while losing weight by consuming a highly absorb-able protein source and exercising as well.

Weight loss alone is not what is crucial for the boomer generation. What is crucial is keeping body fat at a healthy level while building or at least maintaining muscle mass. Also for women, there is the need to keep a healthy level of body fat for the reasons talked about in this video–>>

Video Link Here- Click Now

Order Body By Vi – Visalus Shakes – The Easy Way

There’s nothing that hard about ordering Body By Vi Shakes,  Yet I receive phone calls every day from people trying to order Visalus Shakes and struggling. Let’s make it easy!!

Go To This Web Site—>> www.OrderBodyByViShakes.com/

Fill in your email

Click the “Order Now” link on the email that appears in your inbox

If you have any trouble —>> Call this number: 970-209-7473

Why do so many people want to order the Body By Vi Visalus Shakes? Because they taste good, they are good for you and they get you the results that you are looking for. Whether it’s weight loss, fitness, muscle mass or overall improved nutrition, Body by Vi Shakes by Visalus are bounding  ahead of all the competition because they do what they say they are going to do. And they taste delicious! We even give you over 100 recipes so you can have a different shake for every meal for 50 days!