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visalus sciences | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Final Days of Fried Food – Boomer Radio Network

Final Days of Fried Food is a euphemism for the change that is coming in how individuals, society and the country as a whole interact with food. For too long the economics of the agribusiness complex have dictated our food choices with slick advertising and strong messaging. With the obesity epidemic raging, the time has come to say NO MORE.

Join us. Join the Body By Vi Challenge.



Visalus Nick Sarnicola Honors James Cordova – Living Life in Passion

visalus_james_cordovaJust hours before arriving in San Diego for a market launching group challenge party, Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen – Visalus Sciences Co-Founders – were at the bedside of James Cordova. James and his wife Tosha were the very first Body By Vi Challenge Couples Champions. James achieved the rank of Visalus Ambassador and was awarded his Black Jacket by the Visalus founders just weeks after he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer and possibly only days before he will leave this earth.

In this video, Nick Sarnicola shares his experience with James and asks us all to live our lives with passion and in full gratitude. This is a powerful presentation. Watch and take action.

Body By Vi 3.0 – Compounding Growth Visalus Sciences

Visalus Sciences launched the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge in the summer of 2009. It was a monumental leap of faith along with a thoroughly researched understanding of how consumers were making spending decisions after the recession hit and also why so many direct sales companies were closing or struggling in the same time period.

visalus_growth_graphBy Summer 2010 it appeared that Visalus had hit a jackpot. In fact by October 2010 Visalus closed out the month with close to 600% revenue growth over January of that same year.  Retention of customers and promoters increased a full 20% in the same time period.

Then things really started getting crazy! In early 2011 the company won the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Biggest Turnaround Award for their results in 2010.  In the Summer of 2011 Visalus Sciences announced the Body By Vi Challenge 2.0 with upgraded websites, tools, marketing materials and more.  And then 2012 hit! Another DSA award ensued for the most growth of any Direct Sales company in 2011.

body_by_vi_business2012 showed continued double digit growth every month. By summer 2012 a new person was joining the Body By Vi Challenge every 20 seconds across North America. Every single second of every day, 7 people drink a Vi Shape Shake. Every 40 minutes a new Visalus promoter qualifies for the Body By Vi BMW Bonus.

At Vitality 2012, the biggest company event of the year, over 20,000 people sat in the stands at the Miami Heat Arena as Visalus announced Body By Vi 3.0. The branding had matured into one fitting of a Billion Dollar Brand. Every aspect of Visalus is polished, upgraded, edgy, accessible and appealing. Now in full momentum Visalus is poised to take it’s rightful place as one of the biggest success stories in Direct Selling history.

Now it is your turn. Grab the tail of this shooting star and realize your dreams by helping others get healthy, fit and financially free!



The Challenge Magazine – On Newsstands Now! – Official Body By Vi Challenge Magazine

the challengeThe Body By Vi Challenge has a NEW magazine designed for the consumer! Anyone with an interest in improving their fitness level, losing that extra weight or just getting healthier in 2012 only needs to stroll down to their local newsstand and pick up their copy today. TheChallenge magazine is packed full of healthy eating articles, fitness success stories and an inside look at the Body By Vi Challenge and the people who have WON the 90 day Challenge of the past 2 years.

Deborah Tutnauer (author of this post) is a leader in the Dream Team. Our team members are featured in multiple places in the new magazine. We are so excited to have so many Dream Teamers also be Body By Vi Challenge Winners. Winner of the Challenge are chosen based on their personal weight loss/fitness/health goals and their results after 90 days. Their stories are powerful and inspirational. You don’t want to miss reading about Skip and Cindy  (pg. 74), Tom and Jan (pg.52),  and Rich (pg. 66). All of these people on our team began the Body By Vi challenge as consumers, because they were sick and tired of being sick and tired. They committed to their goals and stuck with the fun, and effective program – and they turned out to be WINNERS!! Not only because they won the prizes but because their lives are forever changed in ways that I’ll let them tell you when you read the magazine!

Visalus Sciences seeks to use the Body By Vi Challenge to educate and inspire millions of people to take that next step. Stop thinking about making a change in your health and start acting. Visalus awards those who take their challenge and their health seriously, with $25 Million in prizes including cruises, transformation vacations, free products, media packages and more!

The Dream Team and Deborah Tutnauer are excited by the opportunity to use THE CHALLENGE magazine to continue building the community centered Body By Vi Challenge and help people overcome their fears and struggles regarding losing weight, getting fit and being the healthiest they can be. Articles by Top Fitness Pros, Nutritional Physicians, Professional Athletes and more grace the pages of the magazine to help you understand and get excited! There is a misconception that the pursuit of health can be boring and arduous. I know that once you read THE CHALLENGE magazine, you will never think that way again.  THECHALLENGE is FUN!!

Barnes and Noble, Staples and Books-a-Million have the magazine on their shelves today! If you cannot find a copy, contact Deborah Tutnauer - Community Challenge Leader – and I’ll get one to you ASAP!

Vi Shake -Too Little Protein in Diet Could Lead to Too Much Body Fat

According to a study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, People who consistently consume more calories than they burn each day will lose lean muscle and accumulate body fat more easily if their diets contain too little protein and too much fat and carbohydrates.

The study was one of the more comprehensive of it’s kind. The participants lived in a controlled environment for 3 months and every morsel they consumed was calculated. For the purpose of this study they were also discouraged from exercising.

(Read more study details here)

The outcome of the study suggests that people need to be aware of their protein consumption or risk losing muscle mass while gaining fat, even if the scale stays the same.  Consuming low fat, high quality protein is crucial. In addition to white meats, non-fat dairy, high protein vegetables, the Vi Shape Nutritional Shake by Visalus Sciences is a valuable resource for this goal. Vi Shape  Vi Shake contains a highly absorbable TriSorb protein combined with other nutracuetical grade ingredients to form a delicious and nutritious protein rich meal which is low fat and low calorie. The Vi Shake is certified Kosher and is Diabetic friendly as well.

Order a ViShake Sample today, or learn more by clicking here.


Visalus is “Stealing” Downlines in the United States and Canada

For direct selling facts and figures many turn to BusinessForHome.org

A recent post on this website was titled:

Visalus is Stealing Downlines in the United States and Canada

This post was shared over 2500 times on Facebook and is still going around. That should tell you something. Visalus Sciences has more momentum right now than any other home based business in the direct selling industry. More people are joining Visalus Science’s flagship program, the “Body by Vi Challenge” every month than some companies get in an entire year!!

2012 is the Year of Visalus. The company predicts that they will be the first company every in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing industry to become a Billion Dollar company operating only in North America. It has never been done before, but it’s being done now by Visalus Sciences. They expect to hit this milestone by March 2012!

This is truly the company to be hanging your hat with in 2012. Visalus Sciences will certainly be the best home business 2012!

To learn more about joining Visalus and promoting the Body By Vi Challenge, click here.


Blake Mallen – Visalus Co-Founder – Creating a Life by Design Not by Default

Last night I had the privileged of attending an event of only 200 people where the main speaker was Blake Mallen the Co-Founder of Visalus. Blake is a phenomenal speaker who is presently one of the most watched young entrepreneurs in the United States.

Blake grew up in a conservative household. His mother was a Principal and his father was a policeman.  His message was similar to many – Get good grades, so you can get in honors classes, so you can get into a good college, so you can go to a good graduate program, so you can get a good professional job! (And work 70 hours per week for the rest of your life until you retire exhausted with a small social security payout and whatever you’ve been able to save while living the American Dream.) Italics are  mine.

In college (from which he graduated in 3 years with double Latin honors), Blake was introduced to Network marketing. 12 years later he is a multi millionaire and co-founder of the fastest growing health challenge and home based business in North America. In fact, industry experts and Hedge fund managers are watching Visalus Sciences closely. Visalus is presently one of the fastest growing companies of ANY kind in the US.

Blake asked the audience a question last night. He said, “If money were no object – if their were unlimited funds for ever after and all bills have been paid – what would you be doing with your life?”  There were some funny answers and some embarrassed snuffling in the audience. But many could not answer the question. You try it. People have lost those dreams that we have as children. My 9 year old daughter wants to be a star singer on a big stage, singing to audiences of thousands of people. She wants to showcase her art work to the audiences she sings to. When was the last time you let your dreams come truly into your mind like that?

Blake suggested that we take the time to find those dreams. The real dreams. The ones that “practical’ has caused us to right off or store away. Start with the end in mind and work backwards. Make the choices in your life that lead to the end you have designed. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving it. Not your job, your well meaning friends, your self-doubts. Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is a means to the end of a Dream come true. You can create your Life by Design when you have helped enough people change their life, their health, their prosperity. You can start right now setting up your income stream to be residual and lifelong for generations to come. http://PromoteBodyByVi.com

The Fallacy of Corporate America

The Matrix exposed the first Fallacy. “Neo” Nick Sarnicola recreates Neo to expose the Fallacy of Corporate America.

Ryan Blair’s Story – CEO Visalus Speaks

Visalus Sciences CEO Ryan Blair talks specifically about your entrepreneurs, President Obama’s jobs plan and how he went from Gang Member to Millionaire.

In his new book  Nothing to Lose, Ryan tells his story and the story of commitment, passion and making a difference. If you think Visalus is just another one of “THOSE” companies, think again. The Visalus Sciences story is a truly American Entrepreneurial Story.

Listen to a live interview with Ryan Blair, brought to you by ABC News


Visalus Co-Founder Blake Mallen Reports on First Quarter 2011

Visalus is officially in momentum. Blake Mallen shares first quarter 2011 reports and statistics. We’ve been watching the lead up to this level of growth since early 2010. Now the Body By Vi Challenge is becoming mainstream. Visalus Sciences is waging war against obesity.

It is a shame that we have a country where there are two extreme and counter-intuitive food related problems going on at the same time. We have an obesity epidemic that is costing billions of dollars, and we have millions of children who are hungry every day. The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is addressing obesity. The Visalus Giving Program is feeding hungry children. We need your help with both of these. Join us today.

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