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visalus san diego | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

Body By Vi in San Diego – The Challenge and MORE!

Body By Vi has hit San Diego in a BIG way!!

This is the land of sunshine and fitness and a perfect place for the number ONE Fitness, Weight Loss and Health Transformation platform in the world.

Many aspect make The Challenge different than other weight loss, diet or health programs. Not only are the products superb and developed by Dr. Michael Seidman (top 10 Nutritional Physicians in the US). Not only does the Shake Mix taste like Cake Mix and come with hundred of different recipes. Not only do you save money overall on your grocery bill when you are on The Challenge for weight loss. On top of all that, you can win part of $25,000,000 in products, prizes and vacations just for entering to win the Body By Vi Challenge in SIX different categories. Visalus also gives you cool live conference calls every week  with amazing and surprising guests!

Visalus Sciences and Body By Vi San Diego doesn’t stop there. We also provide a 24/7   online support group for our Challengers and Promoters, and private offline coaching and consulting with skilled, experienced life and business coaching professionals. Body By Vi in San Diego is committed to your success. We have the structure in place for you to reach your 90 day Challenge goals whether  they are Weight Loss, Fitness, Health or Money in your pocket and a Body By Vi BMW in your driveway!

Call Today! 619-796-3BBV

San Diego Body By Vi Challenge – Get On It!

Yesterday marked the very first large group Body By Vi Challenge Party in San Diego, CA. Visalus San_Diego_visalus_bmwCo-Founder Nick Sarnicola and his lovely wife Ashley Sarnicola flew to San Diego with just six days notice to stand in front of a room of at least 400 excited people and share Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge.

The San Diego Visalus market is open for business!

Buzz and excitement are everywhere. People are taking notice. Body By Vi BMW’s are appearing in more quantity on the San Diego streets.

Wondering how you can Join Body By Vi in San Diego?


or call

619-796-3BBV – San Diego Body By Vi information line


Visalus Nick Sarnicola Honors James Cordova – Living Life in Passion

visalus_james_cordovaJust hours before arriving in San Diego for a market launching group challenge party, Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen – Visalus Sciences Co-Founders – were at the bedside of James Cordova. James and his wife Tosha were the very first Body By Vi Challenge Couples Champions. James achieved the rank of Visalus Ambassador and was awarded his Black Jacket by the Visalus founders just weeks after he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer and possibly only days before he will leave this earth.

In this video, Nick Sarnicola shares his experience with James and asks us all to live our lives with passion and in full gratitude. This is a powerful presentation. Watch and take action.

Body By Vi Challenge in Southern California and San Diego?

Where do I find someone involved with the Body By Vi Challenge in Southern California and San Diego?

Just replace your city in the sentence and this is the question that will be popping out of people’s mouths after January 7th and the Visalus Sciences World’s Largest Resolution Rally ! The Body By Vi Challenge is about to go mainstream. It is already the fastest growing health, weight loss and fitness platform in North America.. It is already the fastest growing home based business in the USA and the first direct sales company ever to be on track to be a Billion Dollar company operating ONLY within the USA and Canada!

Southern California and San Diego? Your Body By Vi Challenge connection is right here!!

All you have to do is to contact me ASAP. 970-209-7473

Whether it’s a personal fitness goal or a desire for 6 figures and financial freedom, this is the place. We have an unique team, an unprecedented support network and top leaders in the Visalus at your disposal.

And if you live outside of sunny SoCal?

No problem..

Our team is located throughout North America

We operate on the ground, on the internet, in the virtual cloud – bringing THE CHALLENGE to your doorstep regardless of where you doorstep is.

Don’t miss another beat—> Contact Now at 970-209-7473!!

How to Find the Body By Vi Challenge in San Diego

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Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is available throughout the United States, Canada and Jamaica. Our team in particular is spread across North America, thanks to a large number of customers and Body By Vi Promoters who understand the power of the internet and have friends in many places.

If you are looking to access a Body By Vi distributor in San Diego, in order to begin your own Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge or to discuss becoming a Visalus distributor, visit http://BodyByViSanDiego.com or http://SanDiegoBodyByVi.com .