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visalus home business | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

Visalus Bimmer Club – December Offer

Driving a BMW paid for by Visalus means much more than just a Free car.   It means that you have reached a skill level where you can help others .  It means that you have made a commitment to yourself to learn and grow.  It means you have decided that the only way to change your life is to change you actions – and you have changed those actions!

When you achieve the rank of Visalus Regional Director you earn a monthly Bimmer Bonus and average $1000 – $1500 per month income initially*. Most people at this stage of Promoting The Challenge  are working their Visalus Business part time. What would it feel like to earn $12,000 – $18,000 EXTRA per month PART TIME?

Take a moment to imagine what would change in your life.

  • What would you do?
  • Where would you go?
  • Who would you help?

December is a month of Giving

It’s a time for making plans and sharing love and joy.

I LOVE Promoting the Body By Vi Challenge. The Joy I feel when I help a team member earn their first check is incredible. And when I can link arms with that person and help them earn their Regional Director Rank and their BMW, that is a truly amazing feeling for me!!

This December I am offering the Gift of getting started in your home based business with an Inspiring Bonus Offer


Join the team with a STAR Promoter Kit and receive a FREE Shape Kit and an extra Box of Nutra Cookies! ($135 value)

Join the team with an EXECUTIVE Promoter Kit and receive a FREE Balance Kit and a Box of Neuro Smart Energy. ($80 value)

By taking this simple action you will be raising your hand and volunteering for the fast track to success . In order to devote my time and energy to your fast track to success, there are just Five of these bonuses available. The plan will be designed to have you in your BMW by the end of February 2013, at the latest – as long as you follow the training and do the actions required of fast track performers.

I am Deborah Tutnauer. Learn more about me and decide for yourself if I’m the type of leader/sponsor/ teacher you would like to work with to build your Fortune.

told u so visalus

*Results not typical. The average time to qualify for a BMW bonus varies greatly, and qualification is dependent on reaching and maintaining sales goals. Many Distributors will not qualify for a BMW bonus. Details regarding the qualification requirements are available online

Find a Visalus Distributor – Cure Broke-itis

Find a Visalus Distributor

If you are suffering from Broke-itis we have a cure for it.

Visalus CURES Broke-itis.

You may be someone who has been exposed to Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge on Facebook, or through a local person or a flyer in your town. If you have already met a Visalus Distributor that you would like to work with, get back in touch with that person.

Many people have been seeing The Body By Vi Challenge by Visalus and are wondering if in fact they could benefit from the The Challenge for their own health or wealth creation and the answer is YES!

It begins first with making a decision that you are ready for change.

From that point you need to watch a short video. This video will give you just enough information to say “YES, I am OPEN to getting more information”. If you are, fill out the form to the right side of the video and actually take one more action step —>> Call 970-209-7473 and leave a message that says, ” YES, I watched the intro video and I am open to getting more information – please call me at…….”

You’ll receive a call back within 24 hours.

Again – Your steps to Find a Visalus Distributor and Cure Broke-Itis, or just start your 90 Day Health Transformation Challenge are:

1. Watch this video—>>> Video

2. Call this number–>>> 970-209-7473


Is Visalus a Pyramid?

Is Visalus a Pyramid ?

I think it’s HILARIOUS that people STILL ask if our company, or any MLM is a “scam” or “Pyramid things” because we’ve helped SO many people make a 6 or 7 figure incomes in the past 3 years…probably more than ANY Fortune 500 company.
Here’s a little education on the Visalus pyramid.
Let’s examine the evidence, and YOU decide.

1. Visalus is publicly traded. The SEC or FTC doesn’t allow pyramid schemes. Period. Stock Symbol BTH. Check.

2. Visalus promoters get paid commissions for products sold….just like car sales, software sales, retail sales, realtors, insurance agents, etc. Check.

3. Visalus trains their people. Check.

4. We work for money. NO work, NO money. Check.

5. Visalus has a world class legal team, customer service center, shipping team, product development team, marketing team, management team. Check.

6. Visalus has comprehensive policies and procedures in place. Check.

7. 75-80% of people who join Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge  are strictly customers. Check.

Here is the REAL SCAM: Being sold into building into someone elses dream, to fund their vacations, lavish homes and cars while you work for $8-$20 an hour, work your tail off and get 3% yearly raises if you’re lucky. No rewards and incentives for doing your job, no hope for huge pay raises, someone telling you when you can or cannot be sick, go on vacation or spend time with your family.

So let me ask YOU… Mr./Ms W2…. Why are YOU falling for that scam in one of those Pyramid things???

Don’t you at least owe yourself a look?

How We are Going to Retire with our Body By Vi Business

My husband and I joined the Body By Vi Business as promoters two years ago this month. This business retire_body_by_vi_businessis right on track to be our retirement and more. Let me tell you a bit about how we are going to Retire with our Body By Vi Business.

Paul , Kaia and I are a unique family . Most of our friends of the same age as us, have children in college or even getting married. We have a ten year old. The plan to retire is crucial to honoring the vows we wrote about at our wedding thirteen years ago.. We have  a lot planned. One of the things we committed was to go live overseas before Kaia became a teenager. We have two years left to achieve that milestone.  Being tied to a JOB , which Paul is now, severely limits our freedom. But that is about to change because of our Body By Vi Business.

We have a little home based business that has become a million dollar business center. We presently earn six figures working from home and expect at the current rate of growth that we will double that income within the next 12 months.  Our Body By Vi Business income is presently just about what Paul earns in his corporate job after 30 years of being a banker. Two years vs. Thirty. Food for thought there. We expect at the current rate of growth, that in one more year we will cover not only his salary, but his bonuses and all the benefits we now get such as health insurance, life insurance, disability and more.  All this for three years of concentrated, committed effort in what started out as our little home based Body By Vi Business.

Hhmmmm….which country should we go live in for the first year abroad?

Where would you go? Click here now and start planning your trip!


Body By Vi Home Business – Back to School Enrollment Special – Join Visalus

Back to School time means back to focus, back to commitment, back to being on track with goals and plans.

Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is the #1 Home Business in North America and we are offering a Back to School Enrollment Special for serious entrepreneurs who are looking to join Visalus.

Simply be one of the first Five (5) people (or teams) to Join Visalus as a Body By Vi Promoter  on our team in September with an Executive or Star Kit.  You will receive your kit stocked full of Visalus products, promotional and marketing materials and full access to all bonuses in the Visalus compensation plan.

In addition,  the Back to School Enrollment Special Includes:

  • $100 of Free Body By Vi Products – choose two from the list –>>Bag of30 Vi-Shape Nutritional Shakes, Box of 15 Visalus Go Instant Energy, Body of 15 Visalus Pro Prolonged Energy
  • Custom Facebook Business Fan Page with  Apps
  • Copy of the infamous book – The Science of Getting Rich
  • One volume of the Best of Better Networker Magazine

Special offer value approximately $250

Get focused now on your dreams for the rest of 2012.

Get started now creating your fortune for the rest of your life.
Call 970-209-7473 to get started today

Promote Body By Vi Information Website and Video —>> Click Here Now

Fill in the Form Below to receive our special series on How to Earn a Body By Vi BMW in 60 Days*. An enrollment specialist will call you.

*Results are not guaranteed and based totally on each individuals actions.