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visalus compensation | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Average Revenue Per MLM Distributor – Visalus Business

Average Revenue Per MLM Distributor – Visalus Business

Based on 2010 statistics, the average revenue per  active MLM distributor throughout the industry, is $1400 per year. This breaks down to $116 per month per person.

This number is the amount of volume generated per distributor, averaged out over all network marketing companies that are public and transparent with their financial reports.

Visalus Sciences states that their average per active distributor revenue is $425 per month – almost four times the industry average. What does this mean to you? It means that with a Visalus Business you can earn more money with less people in your team. The mission of Visalus to address the obesity epidemic head on, and to focus on bringing the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge into mainstream living rooms throughout the world, has led to a huge impact on non-business builders.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge teaches it’s promoters to focus on Promoting The Challenge – not on pitching a business opportunity. The mindset is that The Challenge is accessible and beneficial to most people! So many need to lose weight. Others want to improve their fitness, gain muscle or take on an active challenge. Only a small percentage of people in any population are wanting to truly be entrepreneurs. By focusing on customers AND making it simple for those customers to introduce The Challenge to 3 friends and earn their Challenge Kit for Free- Vi effectively has created a business model that puts more volume and thus more money into each distributor’s business.

When I did the math for my personal downline I discovered that our per distributor average was $654 -SIX TIMES the industry average. That means that the Body By Vi Promoters on my team are making an impact on many more customers per distributor than the average, and making more money with fewer team members/less work. I LOVE this statistic. To me it means that we have a Visalus Business, are doing what we are passionate about doing – sharing The Challenge and kicking Obesity in the “you-know-what”!!

visalus-businessNow and throughout the fall of 2013, Visalus is running a Lifetime Challenge Bonus Promotion. They have added incentives into the compensation plan to increase the number of people being exposed to and engaging in a 90 Day Health Challenge! I have  a personal mission of bringing this challenge and this Plan B financial opportunity to a group of people who would not normally be exposed to network marketing. The Body By Vi Challenge is mainstream and those who already interact with and help others are the ones who need to know about this. Pastors, Teachers, Doctors, Coaches. Because of the increase in interest, I’ve started an interview process for those who want to learn more, or referrals of those you know.

Please contact directly at info@join-body-by-vi.com or visit http://PromoteBodyByVi.com to gather information for yourself.

Body By Vi Business – What you need to Succeed

visalus momentumThe Buzz is everywhere.. Body By Vi Challenge has hit the streets and is stirring up dust throughout North America. People who have never made any real money to speak of in other home based businesses, are making money in Visalus. Traditional business people who would never have looked at a networking type company are standing open mouthed when exposed to the 678% growth of Visalus in 2010 and the double digit growth every month this year.

When you choose Visalus,  you have chosen the right company. Now it’s just a matter of choosing who to work with. There are teams throughout North America, each sharing the Body By Vi mission in a similar manner but each also exhuding a culture of their own.

The goal for most is long term residual income with a steady increase in their short term paycheck. To do this you must build a very strong and solid foundation. Think about a skyscraper. In order for that building to remain standing, it must have a foundation that is buried for many many stories deep into the ground. Often network marketing books talk about the initial months of building a business being ones that are hard to see because they take place essentially underground. But once the building rising above, the time spent creating that foundation will be well worth the effort. You’ll have longevity, stability and income for a lifetime and potentially generations to come.

Thus, it is important to join Body By Vi as a promoter, with a team that understands both urgency and solid foundation building. We don’t want you going out and convincing people to join the Body by Vi Challenge if they really don’t want to. That might get you some short term movement, but your foundation will be a deck of cards.

The Body By Vi Challenge is something chosen by people once they can see the benefits for themselves. We teach you to use the fantastic cutting edge tools along with a relationship oriented approach, to develop your team and your customer base. The Dream Team has the best internet network marketers in the industry as part of our team, as well as offline marketers who are showing industry old timers a thing or two about desire and commitment and success!

This month (June 2011), we give you even more of what you need to succeed. With the revival and revision of the Rock Star Package, we will make sure that you start your business with a bang – and with every tool you need to succeed.

The new Rock Star Package is designed for serious business people who want to get to work and be in profit within their first month, continuing an exponential upward trend from there.

Package #1

Purchase an ESS kit for $499 .


  • Four pack of Nutra Cookies  > $130 value
  • Body by Vi Twitter page >$50 value
  • Body By Vi Facebook Fan/Product page >$100 value

The Social Media page will have you up and running ASAP, using Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with the 7 Days to Director Offline Training.

Four boxes of Nutra Cookies fills in the one gap of the ESS kit and makes sure that you have enough cookies on hand to share them with more than 50 people!

The value of this Rock Star Package #1 is over $280. A bonus greater than 50% of the package cost.  But wait…

Package #2

Purchase an ESS + Samples for $999


  • Body by Vi Twitter page >$50 value
  • Body By Vi Facebook Fan/Product page >$100 value
  • Custom Body By Vi Blog similar to this one (http://join-body-by-vi-com), created for you and uploaded to the domain of your choice. >$250 value
  • 1 Box of Nutra Cookies – Your choice of flavor. $34 value

The value of Rock Star Package #2 is over $434!!

You can’t help but be a Rock Star with a set of tools like these — and cookies too!! All you’ll need to do is start writing on your new blog and posting your articles on your new Twitter and Facebook pages. The Cookies will keep you happily satisfied and the $500 plus worth of sample packs that come with the ESS +Samples Kit give you everything you need to promote the Body By Vi Challenge everywhere you go.

The Revised Rock Star Package is available ONLY during June 2011 and there are limited number of packages. This means that once they are gone, they are gone, even if it’s only June 20th.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you’ve been thinking about becoming a Promoter of the Body By Vi Challenge, this is your moment. It means you should pick up the phone and call me at 970-209-7473 today . Tell me that you want one of the Rock Star Packages. I can help you decide which one is right for you and we’ll get going!

Serious Money

My husband is a banker. Everything can be converted into a spreadsheet  according to him. Obviously January through May in this image are based on real numbers — amounts of money that we actually received. What you don’t see is that based on percentage increases in October, November, December 2010 and January 2011, we developed this spreadsheet prior to the first week in February. What you also don’t know is that the numbers for February, March, April and May 2011 were exactly as we predicted they would be. For you non-math wizzes out there, what this means is that the consistent percentage increase formula that we used to create this spreadsheet, (using past history to predict future occurrences ) was 100% accurate.

Thus is it a reasonable assumption that the June through December 2011 commission numbers will be accurate as well. I am not sure about you, but from my perspective a steady increase of about 33% is one helluva monthly raise. People don’t usually share their incomes in public places. But in this case I want to use it to make a point. In network marketing circles it is often common to dance around the topic of money, particularly when one is posturing a bit in order to inflate how well their (not-so-big) down line is growing.

Believe me, I have been there. Which is why it’s so important to show you this spread sheet. Promoting the Body By Vi Challenge is the real thing. It is a business in momentum with all the product results, marketing systems and support for honest success and true duplication.  In October 2010 I had 3 people in my downline and a handful of customers. I now have 105 promoters in my downline and over 125 personal customers. I’m not sharing this to boast. I am telling you my details in order to be 100% transparent and to illuminate what steady, strong network marketing growth looks like. What you are seeing here is the type of expansion that leads to long-term residual income for a lifetime. It is a foundation that will support a very, very tall and wide building.

If we take our mathematical formula and apply it to 2012…

The math has remained identical. The power of compounding has done it’s magic.

The Power of Compounding, excerpt from the book, The Parable of the Pipeline, by Burke Hedges

Legend has it that one of the ancient emperors of China fell in love with a new game called “Chess.” The emperor decided to reward the game’s creator.

He summoned the inventor to the royal palace and announced to the court that the inventor would be granted one wish.

“I am honored, Your Highness,” the inventor muttered humbly. “My wish is that you grant me one grain of rice” “Just one grain of rice?” the startled emperor asked. “Well just one grain of rice for the first square of the chess board,” the inventor said. “Then doubled to two grains for the second square…four grains for the third square….and so on until the single grain has been doubled for the entire chess board. That is my simple wish.”

The emperor was well pleased. “I have been given such a wonderful game at such a cheap price.” he thought to himself. “My ancestors have smiled upon me today.” “It is done!” the emperor cried.

“Bring out the chess board and let everyone here witness our agreement.” The court gathered around the chess board.

A kitchen servant produced a one pound bag of rice and handed it to the inventor, who smiled as he opened the bag. “I suggest you return to the kitchen for a larger bag,” the inventor said to the servant.

The court laughed loudly, mistaking his comment for sarcasm. Then the inventor began placing the grains of rice on the board, doubling the number of grains as he went.

The onlookers laughed and nudged each other as the first row of eight squares was filled….1….2….4….8….16….32….128 grains of rice. But the giggles soon gave way to gasps by the middle of the second row, for small piles of rice soon doubled to medium-sized bags of rice…which doubled again to big bags of rice.By the end of the second row, the emperor knew he had made a huge mistake. The grains owed to the inventor totalled to 32,768 – and there were still 48 squares remaining!.

The emperor stopped the game and called in the lands wisest mathematicians. They tossed the beads of their abacuses and made hasty markings on slate boards. After much fussing, the mathematicians reached a unanimous conclusion: A grain of rice doubled for every square on the 64-square chess board would calculate to 18 million trillion grains of rice – a quantity equal to all the rice in the world multiplied by 10!.

It appears thus far that Promoting Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is in fact the vehicle to access the Power of Compounding for years to come and possibly generations. This is serious money.  I am extending a personal invitation for you to join me.

Visalus Business Opportunity Information

Can YOU Make Money Promoting Visalus Body By Vi?

After 4.5 months promoting the Body By Vi Challenge, take a look at the checks that I found in my mailbox after a 2 week vacation. And watch for the funny at minute 2:38 — not at all what you’d expect!
Is Visalus a scam? See for yourself.

Why Visalus? Secret call for industry leaders – Recorded!

This recording could be taken down at any moment…
Listen to it completely now… in case it’s no longer here tomorrow.

In November 2010, industry leaders were privately invited to a special call. Not wanting to rock the boat with their existing companies, many kept the invitation a secret..Others brought in their closest associates and listened in a room with a speaker phone. The call rocked the network marketing world! This is THAT call…

Visalus Endorsed by Doctors and Personal Trainers and….

Your Doctors advise it. Fitness Professionals endorse it. Gym/Trainers promote it. Entrepreneurs invest in it. Industry experts predicted it. Success Magazine partnered with them. ViSalus Sciences is the FASTEST growing Health & Wellness business in the country & expected to grow to $1 BILLION within 36 months. Who wants to be a part of something HUGE? Is it you?

Then pick up the phone and call me right now!


And here’s another incredible tidbit: This just shared….

“Finally The Real Story. We at Visalus are lucky enough to have the producers from the shows Pawn Stars and House Hunters approach us to do a show about Network Marketing. It will feature our company and the truth about our industry on Reality TV. This is huge, that is if you are part of our company. ”

Why the Visalus Compensation Plan is Awesome!

Blake Mallen, co-founder of Visalus, recently talked about the 10 things that are intriguing and enticing network marketing industry leader, and drawing them along with thousands of others, to Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge.

Below is Blake’s Video and my reply.