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visalus compensation plan | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Visalus Sciences Business – Exploding July and Onward

Hype is hype. Facts are fact. In the month of July Visalus Sciences grew another 18%. That’s double Body By Vi Businessdigit growth for all seven months of 2012, following 678% growth in 2010.

48,515 people JOIN Body By Vi in July. That’s on top of similar numbers in prior months who have continued on the 90 Day Challenge, completing 3 months and then re-upping for another Challenge and then another!!

July 2011 saw 3428 people become new Directors, making an average monthly income between $500 and $1000 per month. Imagine what just that amount of money can for so many who are struggling in America today?

363 people qualified for their Free Visalus BMW as new Regional Directors! There were 72 new National Directors, 31 Presidential Directors, 15 New Ambassadors (now they are hitting 5 figures per month), 12 – 1 Star Ambassadors, 3 – 2 Star Ambassadors and 1 – New FIVE Star Ambassador.

This is in what is classically known as one of the slowest months in the network marketing industry. Not Here!!

Now it’s your turn.

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Visalus Momentum vs. Personal Momentum

It is certainly exciting when a company begins their momentum phase!

In the month of April Visalus saw the addition of 1 New 5-Star Ambassador, 1 4 Star Ambassador, 2 New 2 Star Ambassadors, 12 New 1 Star Ambassadors, 14 New Ambassadors, 29 Presidential Directors, 69 National Directors, 337 New Regional Directors and New Members of the Bimmer Club, 1,277 New Rising Star Directors!

Over 1000 new people per day are joining the Body By Vi Challenge and creating a 90 day Health Transformation Goal. Visalus experienced 28% growth in April.

There are those who remember Herbalife 20 years ago or Amway 30 years ago. In 2030 there are going to be people like myself who remember these heady early days of Visalus with pride and sentiment.

A company can be in momentum and make the headlines and the Facebook buzz, but where does that leave the average distributor in that company? Does everyone get to come along for the ride? The answer of  course is that it depends. There has never been a company in my many year career, that goes out of it’s way to stay connected with and motivate the newest members, as Visalus does.

In fact, the entire Visalus compensation plan is created around Rising Star Directors. Every aspect of promoter training is focused on reaching the goal of Director within 30 days and then helping others do the same. The newest Promoters are the most important! Once a person has their “STAR”, they are then helped to get their “CAR” (BMW to be exact)!

Stars and Cars. Rinse and Repeat. Stars and Cars. Rinse and Repeat. Personal momentum is easy when so much energy is being devoted to all the excited new people joining Visalus. In my team I’ve noticed the momentum of the people is increasing as the momentum of the company increases. Even those who were mostly enjoying their products and working on their personal challenge, have stepped up the pace a bit. Maybe they don’t want to miss out on the action?!! Do you??

Join the Action –  www. PromoteBodyByVi.com

Visalus Business Plan on A Napkin

Visalus business plan is simple, profound, perfect for our society and our economy. This is how to make money today and add vitality and prosperity to the lives of those you care about. Here it is, the Visalus Business Plan on a Napkin, presented by Body By Vi Founder Blake Mallen.

Visalus – Free BMW Club 2011

Visalus Sciences gives away on average 3 BMW’s per day!! Can we give one to you? The picture above details exactly what you need to do. Is 2011 your year to drive a new black BMW for Free?

We have 3 weeks to get you a wonderful Holiday gift. You can be driving your Visalus BMW in January 2011!

Get started right here! http://itsallsuccess.myvi.net

Why the Visalus Compensation Plan is Awesome!

Blake Mallen, co-founder of Visalus, recently talked about the 10 things that are intriguing and enticing network marketing industry leader, and drawing them along with thousands of others, to Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge.

Below is Blake’s Video and my reply.