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the challenge | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Eat for Free

vi_shake_pictureIn our house we consumes hundreds of meals that cost us NOTHING!

Here’s how that is possible.

When you are a customer with Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge, you are able to earn free Challenge Kits (Free Visalus Shakes) just for referring 3 friends and helping them get started drinking Vi Shakes too.

It’s that simple. You don’t need to be a promoter or a distributor. You only need to be a customer ordering at least one bag of Vi Shakes on autoship per month. When you refer 3 people who also order the same or larger kit than you that same month, your Vi Shakes come free the following month.

Now that you are clear, let’s do the math.

In our household we have two people who qualify for free kits every month. Thus 4 bags of shake arrive at our house for only a small shipping cost. That translates into 120 meals per month for $20 ($10 shipping per two bags).  Here’s where it gets fun!

A normal meal for an individual eating AT HOME costs between $3 – $6. If that same person goes out for fast food , their meal costs between $5 -$8.  If they decide to eat a sit down restaurant, the average meal can range from $10 – $40.  Multiply all those numbers by 120 meals being replaced by FREE Nutritious Delicious Meal Replacement Shakes. Here’s what you get.

At the lowest end of a careful shopper eating smartly at home,  $3 x 120 = $360

Mid-range, which is more the norm for most people between home meals and fast food, $6 x 120 = $720

There is no need to even calculate the high end.

The point is clear.. even if you and your family tend towards $3 per meal, you could save $360 per month for two family members on The Challenge – or $180 for just one person on The Challenge.

Any questions?

Oh Yeah order your Vi Shakes today…Get Started By Clicking Here! 


Magic of Motivation for Weight Loss

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Magic of Motivation for Weight Loss

We are creatures of good intention, who often get sidetracked by our senses and our desires.body by vi challenge testimonial

There is no better example of this than the area of weight loss. Everyone knows it’s not healthy to be overweight. Many people make frequent decisions to lose weight, eat better, make healthier choices. But when confronted by a fresh out of the oven pizza or a just baked chocolate cake, the decision blurs under the onslaught of scents and images!

Sound familiar?

Changing how we eat means actually changing how we live. For many food is much more than just a ball of energy. Food is emotional. Food it social. Food calms nerves and solves boredom. That is why MOTIVATION is such a crucial concept.

Studies have show that most people who take on a lifestyle change have a better chance of success when they are not alone. Add a partner and it becomes easier. Add a small group and now it’s social. Create a community and it’s easier, social and much more fun!

Take all of that and add in true rewards – meaningful rewards – and you’ve got a recipe for successful weight loss and lifestyle shift!

Think about this: You have decided to lose 15 pounds. You have tried to do this before and struggled. But you have just researched the the magic of motivation for weight loss and know you must find a community and set up a reward system for yourself. You happen upon a program that has some crazy rewards and a guarantee. Now you are really excited!! You talk to your spouse who decides that he/she could lose a few pounds too – and you start your lifestyle change together.

Here’s what just occurred. You created a partnership for a common goal. You chose to engage in a program that had some really meaningful motivational rewards – Like $1,000 for losing 10 pounds and the chance to also win free product, vacations and shopping sprees.  You became part of a fun, exciting  and supportive community which provided the nutritional platform for your goal and all the tools you need to be successful.

You begin!! About a week later you are confronted by the delicious pizza!! You know that you have already lost 3 pounds just by replacing 2 meals per day with the nutritional Shake, eating two healthy snacks and having a good healthy dinner. You know that one piece of pizza is not bad yet you remember your past when you could eat “the whole thing”. You understand that lifestyle change for the long term means living in moderation with good choices. So you eat one piece and drink a lot of water!!. You remember your goal and also the $10,000 you are trying to win. You are motivated to make a good choice! You feel powerful and happy.

Every day at the office people have candy and chips at their desks. You know your spouse is sticking to the plan and you’ve seen hundred of people on the same program as you, losing a ton of weight. You walk past the candy bowls and ignore the donuts (even though they smell so good). You make a shake that tastes like a Snicker’s Bar  and smile! 4 more pounds gone this week!

Results breed results. Success breeds success. The magic of motivation for weig t loss is not just about making the decision. It is about making sure you are wrapped in a proven program, a supportive community, a simple system and rewards that get you excited!!

Body By Vi Results – What these numbers mean to you

158,000  new people joined the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge in March 2012. That follows 113, 000 in February and a bit over 100,000 in January. Do the math and you’ll see that almost 400,000 people started their challenge in 2012. By the end of the first quarter of this year, over half a million people will have begun their 90 day health transformation. What is this telling you about Body By Vi Results?

These numbers are telling you that the Body By Vi health transformation platform is working for people With an almost 10 to 1 ratio of customers to promoters, you don’t see this type of exponential growth unless customers are satisfied, happy, even ecstatic!

Weight loss in our society is hard. We are constantly assailed by food advertising, tempting scents of fried food and access to more sugar in a day than older societies had in a year. Under these conditions it is tricky to consistently make healthy food choices and maintain optimal weight, and a toned fit body. The Body By Vi challenge addresses all of this with hundreds of delicious recipes to conquer any flavor cravings, a simple easy to create shake that fills the stomach with out emptying the wallet and a suppport community so that you feel like you are part of something bigger than just yourself.  It’s no longer just you and your diet fighting against mass media and temptation. It’s you and over a million others on the road to better health together, changing lives and families.

Body By Vi results are proven. These numbers mean that The Challenge works. People are talking about it and sharing it with those they love. Who do you know who needs to make a change in how they eat?  Who do you know who is suffering from weight related diseases and disorders? Who do you know who would  love to get their sexy back and be fit and energetic? Send them here to get started—->>>


Promoting the Body By Vi Challenge – New Video

Promoting The Body By Vi Challenge!


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We Are The Challenge!!

Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is THE CHALLENGE

There is nothing like it in the entire world and that is not just idle talk or wishful thinking.

THE CHALLENGE is a Mission, A Vision and  A Culture!!

THE CHALLENGE is the new face of an industry

THE CHALLENGE is an authentic caring community of real people who are infinitely approachable and serve others with a generous heart!

We Are The Challenge!!

Are you?

The Challenge Magazine – On Newsstands Now! – Official Body By Vi Challenge Magazine

the challengeThe Body By Vi Challenge has a NEW magazine designed for the consumer! Anyone with an interest in improving their fitness level, losing that extra weight or just getting healthier in 2012 only needs to stroll down to their local newsstand and pick up their copy today. TheChallenge magazine is packed full of healthy eating articles, fitness success stories and an inside look at the Body By Vi Challenge and the people who have WON the 90 day Challenge of the past 2 years.

Deborah Tutnauer (author of this post) is a leader in the Dream Team. Our team members are featured in multiple places in the new magazine. We are so excited to have so many Dream Teamers also be Body By Vi Challenge Winners. Winner of the Challenge are chosen based on their personal weight loss/fitness/health goals and their results after 90 days. Their stories are powerful and inspirational. You don’t want to miss reading about Skip and Cindy  (pg. 74), Tom and Jan (pg.52),  and Rich (pg. 66). All of these people on our team began the Body By Vi challenge as consumers, because they were sick and tired of being sick and tired. They committed to their goals and stuck with the fun, and effective program – and they turned out to be WINNERS!! Not only because they won the prizes but because their lives are forever changed in ways that I’ll let them tell you when you read the magazine!

Visalus Sciences seeks to use the Body By Vi Challenge to educate and inspire millions of people to take that next step. Stop thinking about making a change in your health and start acting. Visalus awards those who take their challenge and their health seriously, with $25 Million in prizes including cruises, transformation vacations, free products, media packages and more!

The Dream Team and Deborah Tutnauer are excited by the opportunity to use THE CHALLENGE magazine to continue building the community centered Body By Vi Challenge and help people overcome their fears and struggles regarding losing weight, getting fit and being the healthiest they can be. Articles by Top Fitness Pros, Nutritional Physicians, Professional Athletes and more grace the pages of the magazine to help you understand and get excited! There is a misconception that the pursuit of health can be boring and arduous. I know that once you read THE CHALLENGE magazine, you will never think that way again.  THECHALLENGE is FUN!!

Barnes and Noble, Staples and Books-a-Million have the magazine on their shelves today! If you cannot find a copy, contact Deborah Tutnauer - Community Challenge Leader – and I’ll get one to you ASAP!

Body By Vi Challenge in Southern California and San Diego?

Where do I find someone involved with the Body By Vi Challenge in Southern California and San Diego?

Just replace your city in the sentence and this is the question that will be popping out of people’s mouths after January 7th and the Visalus Sciences World’s Largest Resolution Rally ! The Body By Vi Challenge is about to go mainstream. It is already the fastest growing health, weight loss and fitness platform in North America.. It is already the fastest growing home based business in the USA and the first direct sales company ever to be on track to be a Billion Dollar company operating ONLY within the USA and Canada!

Southern California and San Diego? Your Body By Vi Challenge connection is right here!!

All you have to do is to contact me ASAP. 970-209-7473

Whether it’s a personal fitness goal or a desire for 6 figures and financial freedom, this is the place. We have an unique team, an unprecedented support network and top leaders in the Visalus at your disposal.

And if you live outside of sunny SoCal?

No problem..

Our team is located throughout North America

We operate on the ground, on the internet, in the virtual cloud – bringing THE CHALLENGE to your doorstep regardless of where you doorstep is.

Don’t miss another beat—> Contact Now at 970-209-7473!!