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Ryan Blair Visalus CEO – Forbes Contributor

The CEO of Visalus, Ryan Blair, is a new regular contributor to Forbes Magazine.


If you’ve not yet met Ryan, this is a great place to begin . From his childhood of hardship to and street gang experience, through experiences and mentorship from some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, to running the fastest growing company in the Direct Sales industry today – There is much to be learned from Ryan Blair.


Visalus Sales Increase Seven-fold to $231 Million in 2011 from 34 Million in 2010


Launched in 2005 as ViSalus Sciences and now known as ‘ViSalus,’ the company provides health benefits from weight loss and fitness milestones, or “Challenges”, to better one’s overall health and wellness. ViSalus’ product Kits support a range of fitness goals: Balance, Shape, Core, Transformation and newly launched Fit Kit and are used by people of all ages focused on creating and maintaining individually defined healthy lifestyle.

And this is just the first of some major announcements coming out of the Visalus Leadership Summit this weekend in Miami, Florida. Watch the news on Saturday morning, January 14, 2012 as Visalus goes MainStream!!

Don’t miss this boat!!



Visalus  (with Blyth) is now the top MLM for 2012 and the leader in the area of top health and wellness companies!


Ryan Blair’s Story – CEO Visalus Speaks

Visalus Sciences CEO Ryan Blair talks specifically about your entrepreneurs, President Obama’s jobs plan and how he went from Gang Member to Millionaire.

In his new book¬† Nothing to Lose, Ryan tells his story and the story of commitment, passion and making a difference. If you think Visalus is just another one of “THOSE” companies, think again. The Visalus Sciences story is a truly American Entrepreneurial Story.

Listen to a live interview with Ryan Blair, brought to you by ABC News


Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving In a Bad Economy

This article just published in Direct Selling News, features Visalus and Visalus Sciences founder Ryan Blair.


It’s interesting to note after reading the article, that Eiro went out of business in January 2011, and the other companies discussed in the article, are growing slowly or maintaining.

Visalus is in total momentum, having grown over 600% in 2010 alone!

Where do you want to hang your hat?