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Visalus Nick Sarnicola Honors James Cordova – Living Life in Passion

visalus_james_cordovaJust hours before arriving in San Diego for a market launching group challenge party, Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen – Visalus Sciences Co-Founders – were at the bedside of James Cordova. James and his wife Tosha were the very first Body By Vi Challenge Couples Champions. James achieved the rank of Visalus Ambassador and was awarded his Black Jacket by the Visalus founders just weeks after he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer and possibly only days before he will leave this earth.

In this video, Nick Sarnicola shares his experience with James and asks us all to live our lives with passion and in full gratitude. This is a powerful presentation. Watch and take action.

Visalus Sales Increase Seven-fold to $231 Million in 2011 from 34 Million in 2010


Launched in 2005 as ViSalus Sciences and now known as ‘ViSalus,’ the company provides health benefits from weight loss and fitness milestones, or “Challenges”, to better one’s overall health and wellness. ViSalus’ product Kits support a range of fitness goals: Balance, Shape, Core, Transformation and newly launched Fit Kit and are used by people of all ages focused on creating and maintaining individually defined healthy lifestyle.

And this is just the first of some major announcements coming out of the Visalus Leadership Summit this weekend in Miami, Florida. Watch the news on Saturday morning, January 14, 2012 as Visalus goes MainStream!!

Don’t miss this boat!!



Visalus  (with Blyth) is now the top MLM for 2012 and the leader in the area of top health and wellness companies!


The Fallacy of Corporate America

The Matrix exposed the first Fallacy. “Neo” Nick Sarnicola recreates Neo to expose the Fallacy of Corporate America.

Why Visalus? Secret call for industry leaders – Recorded!

This recording could be taken down at any moment…
Listen to it completely now… in case it’s no longer here tomorrow.

In November 2010, industry leaders were privately invited to a special call. Not wanting to rock the boat with their existing companies, many kept the invitation a secret..Others brought in their closest associates and listened in a room with a speaker phone. The call rocked the network marketing world! This is THAT call…