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Promoting The Body By Vi Challenge!


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Blake Mallen – Visalus Co-Founder – Creating a Life by Design Not by Default

Last night I had the privileged of attending an event of only 200 people where the main speaker was Blake Mallen the Co-Founder of Visalus. Blake is a phenomenal speaker who is presently one of the most watched young entrepreneurs in the United States.

Blake grew up in a conservative household. His mother was a Principal and his father was a policeman.  His message was similar to many – Get good grades, so you can get in honors classes, so you can get into a good college, so you can go to a good graduate program, so you can get a good professional job! (And work 70 hours per week for the rest of your life until you retire exhausted with a small social security payout and whatever you’ve been able to save while living the American Dream.) Italics are  mine.

In college (from which he graduated in 3 years with double Latin honors), Blake was introduced to Network marketing. 12 years later he is a multi millionaire and co-founder of the fastest growing health challenge and home based business in North America. In fact, industry experts and Hedge fund managers are watching Visalus Sciences closely. Visalus is presently one of the fastest growing companies of ANY kind in the US.

Blake asked the audience a question last night. He said, “If money were no object – if their were unlimited funds for ever after and all bills have been paid – what would you be doing with your life?”  There were some funny answers and some embarrassed snuffling in the audience. But many could not answer the question. You try it. People have lost those dreams that we have as children. My 9 year old daughter wants to be a star singer on a big stage, singing to audiences of thousands of people. She wants to showcase her art work to the audiences she sings to. When was the last time you let your dreams come truly into your mind like that?

Blake suggested that we take the time to find those dreams. The real dreams. The ones that “practical’ has caused us to right off or store away. Start with the end in mind and work backwards. Make the choices in your life that lead to the end you have designed. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving it. Not your job, your well meaning friends, your self-doubts. Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is a means to the end of a Dream come true. You can create your Life by Design when you have helped enough people change their life, their health, their prosperity. You can start right now setting up your income stream to be residual and lifelong for generations to come. http://PromoteBodyByVi.com

How to Build a Body By Vi Business – even if you’ve never succeeded in a home based business before

How to build a Body By Vi Business even if you’ve never succeeded in

building a home base business before.

You are going to be so surprised by this blog post.

In face, I’d love to see your face as you read.

Here is why.

Because those who have had a home based business before. Or those who have been in network marketing before, have a preconceived notion of what you need to do to succeed in building body by vi.

I know because I have been there. And I was as surprised as you are about to be. In Visalus, 80% of the people who are making at least $1000 per month are people who have NEVER been in or had success in the network marketing industry before. 80%!!! That is a phenomenal number. And $1000 per month? That is the low end of what a Regional Director in Visalus earns on a monthly basis. And right now Visalus has more people earning  at least $1000 per month than any other direct sales company. $1000 is the gap that so many people in the country are experiencing between the end of the money and the end of the month. We can help close that gap for hundreds and thousands of people.

Here is the answer as to how to build a body by vi business even if you’ve never succeeded in a home based business before.

1. Get started–Start Here by Clicking Now

2. Watch every video Visalus gives you

3. You are not a tool, you USE the tools

4. Take responsibility for your own training and development. Every training, every answer and every tool you need is available in your Vi-Net

5. What is not available there will be covered in the Team training calls

6. Talk less. Press Blend. Press Play

7. The difference between Body By Vi and any other home based business is tangible. It is a culture of promoting the Body By Vi Challenge. No other company on the planet has a challenge like this, or a culture wrapped around a challenge like Visalus does.

If you’ve never succeeded in network marketing and a home based business before, you owe it to yourself to explore the Body By Vi Challenge. Do it now by watching all the videos on this page.

www.Promote Body By Vi.com

Make sure you watch the entire overview video as well!



Visalus Endorsed by Doctors and Personal Trainers and….

Your Doctors advise it. Fitness Professionals endorse it. Gym/Trainers promote it. Entrepreneurs invest in it. Industry experts predicted it. Success Magazine partnered with them. ViSalus Sciences is the FASTEST growing Health & Wellness business in the country & expected to grow to $1 BILLION within 36 months. Who wants to be a part of something HUGE? Is it you?

Then pick up the phone and call me right now!


And here’s another incredible tidbit: This just shared….

“Finally The Real Story. We at Visalus are lucky enough to have the producers from the shows Pawn Stars and House Hunters approach us to do a show about Network Marketing. It will feature our company and the truth about our industry on Reality TV. This is huge, that is if you are part of our company. ”