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join body by vi | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

Find a Visalus Distributor – Cure Broke-itis

Find a Visalus Distributor

If you are suffering from Broke-itis we have a cure for it.

Visalus CURES Broke-itis.

You may be someone who has been exposed to Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge on Facebook, or through a local person or a flyer in your town. If you have already met a Visalus Distributor that you would like to work with, get back in touch with that person.

Many people have been seeing The Body By Vi Challenge by Visalus and are wondering if in fact they could benefit from the The Challenge for their own health or wealth creation and the answer is YES!

It begins first with making a decision that you are ready for change.

From that point you need to watch a short video. This video will give you just enough information to say “YES, I am OPEN to getting more information”. If you are, fill out the form to the right side of the video and actually take one more action step —>> Call 970-209-7473 and leave a message that says, ” YES, I watched the intro video and I am open to getting more information – please call me at…….”

You’ll receive a call back within 24 hours.

Again – Your steps to Find a Visalus Distributor and Cure Broke-Itis, or just start your 90 Day Health Transformation Challenge are:

1. Watch this video—>>> Video

2. Call this number–>>> 970-209-7473


Final Days of Fried Food – Boomer Radio Network

Final Days of Fried Food is a euphemism for the change that is coming in how individuals, society and the country as a whole interact with food. For too long the economics of the agribusiness complex have dictated our food choices with slick advertising and strong messaging. With the obesity epidemic raging, the time has come to say NO MORE.

Join us. Join the Body By Vi Challenge.



Body By Vi Home Business – Back to School Enrollment Special – Join Visalus

Back to School time means back to focus, back to commitment, back to being on track with goals and plans.

Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is the #1 Home Business in North America and we are offering a Back to School Enrollment Special for serious entrepreneurs who are looking to join Visalus.

Simply be one of the first Five (5) people (or teams) to Join Visalus as a Body By Vi Promoter  on our team in September with an Executive or Star Kit.  You will receive your kit stocked full of Visalus products, promotional and marketing materials and full access to all bonuses in the Visalus compensation plan.

In addition,  the Back to School Enrollment Special Includes:

  • $100 of Free Body By Vi Products – choose two from the list –>>Bag of30 Vi-Shape Nutritional Shakes, Box of 15 Visalus Go Instant Energy, Body of 15 Visalus Pro Prolonged Energy
  • Custom Facebook Business Fan Page with  Apps
  • Copy of the infamous book – The Science of Getting Rich
  • One volume of the Best of Better Networker Magazine

Special offer value approximately $250

Get focused now on your dreams for the rest of 2012.

Get started now creating your fortune for the rest of your life.
Call 970-209-7473 to get started today

Promote Body By Vi Information Website and Video —>> Click Here Now

Fill in the Form Below to receive our special series on How to Earn a Body By Vi BMW in 60 Days*. An enrollment specialist will call you.

*Results are not guaranteed and based totally on each individuals actions.

Every 8 Seconds….Someone in North America Join Body By Vi Challenge

Every 8 seconds someone in North America joins The  Body By Vi Challenge…  Count with me.

1 – mississippi – 2 -mississippi-3-mississippi – 4 – mississippi – 5 – mississippi – 6 – mississippi – 7 – mississippi – 8  – someone just joined

Oh and if you count out 45 minutes… someone who decided to promoter the Body By Vi Challenge just earned a Visalus BMW Bonus!

Yep..Every 45 minutes –  BMW Baby!!!

  • So we’ve got people losing weight
  • Men and Women gaining muscle and getting Fit
  • Everyone saving money over what they used to spend on non-nutritious food
  • Many saving money on medical prescriptions that they used to need for weight related ailments (Sshh..don’t tell the drug lobbies)
  • Groups forming in neighborhood to help each other stay focused and committed to health    (Did you know that you are over 70% more likely to stick to a weight loss or fitness program if you do it with 3 other friends than if you do it alone
  • Challengers who share it with others get FREE Challenge kits… even if they are just customer (Visalus LOVES customers!)
  • Promoters of the Challenge receive the best training in the Direct Sales industry, along with a complete Marketing System and multiple websites

join_body_by_viLearn more about why Visalus Sciences earned the Direct Selling Association (DSA) most growth award for 600% growth in 2011. It will be crazy when the 2012 numbers comes out!!

Order a Challenge Kit Today


Learn more about Promoting the Body By Vi Challenge


Visalus Sciences Business – Exploding July and Onward

Hype is hype. Facts are fact. In the month of July Visalus Sciences grew another 18%. That’s double Body By Vi Businessdigit growth for all seven months of 2012, following 678% growth in 2010.

48,515 people JOIN Body By Vi in July. That’s on top of similar numbers in prior months who have continued on the 90 Day Challenge, completing 3 months and then re-upping for another Challenge and then another!!

July 2011 saw 3428 people become new Directors, making an average monthly income between $500 and $1000 per month. Imagine what just that amount of money can for so many who are struggling in America today?

363 people qualified for their Free Visalus BMW as new Regional Directors! There were 72 new National Directors, 31 Presidential Directors, 15 New Ambassadors (now they are hitting 5 figures per month), 12 – 1 Star Ambassadors, 3 – 2 Star Ambassadors and 1 – New FIVE Star Ambassador.

This is in what is classically known as one of the slowest months in the network marketing industry. Not Here!!

Now it’s your turn.

Click this link now! –>> Promote Body By Vi

Fill out the Guest Book Form

Watch the Overview Video that comes up after you click on “submit”

I’ll be calling you in 48 hours. If you are too excited to wait that long, my number is HERE on the upper right!


Success From Home Magazine – My Family on the Cover!

success from home magazine visalus

The Body By Vi Challenge is again gracing the cover of Success From Home Magazine!

This is the unprecedented THIRD time in a 12 month period that Visalus Sciences and the Body by Vi Challenge have been showcased in Success From Home. The reason? Visalus is one of the very few network marketing companies in North America that is in massive momentum and growing at a triple digit pace. There is really no place else to be right now if you want to be making money, changing lives and being your healthiest. Every day leaders in other companies are coming over to the Body By Vi
Challenge. Black Diamonds from Monavie. Diamond level coaches from Beach Body. Top Marketers from Numis, and more….

These are pros and they see what is happening here and know that no other company can compare, especially in today’s economy.

See what you are missing —>> www.PromoteBodyByVi.com