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Body By Vi Active Challenge Finalist – I Did It!!

13 peaks Deborah Tutnauer becomes the Body By Vi Active Challenge Female Finalist for September. Deborah is a  Transformational Success Coach. She climbed 13 mountains in 72 days to illuminate the power of overcoming challenges for any body in any situation

Last night I learned that I am the FINALIST for the September for the Body By Challenge in the Active Female Category!!

12 Mountains in 90 days was the goal

13 Mountains in 72 days was the result.

Need proof that the Body By Vi Challenge is NOT just for Weight Loss?

Wonder if taking on a challenge would benefit your life? Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. They can be physical, mental, spiritual. Challenges happen every day. When you make a decision and overcome obstacles, you learn that anything is possible!!

Here it is!!

The Meaning of Challenge – 13 Peaks in 90 Days

I was reviewing the experience of climbing 13 mountains for my 90 day active 13 peakschallenge. By now you know the challenge was actually completed in 73 days…and I was super excited about that – because it meant that all my peaks got to happen in Colorado, in the time we were there for the summer!!

Except for 3, all the peaks were climbed alone.
People are pretty shocked when I tell them that…
“Wow – really?” is the predominant reaction.

Which brings me to some musings about challenges…
Even when working with others on a team, the CHALLENGE is ALWAYS inside of ourselves. It is ALWAYS about pushing ourselves to greatness – even if in small ways. It’s ALWAYS about stepping outside our own comfort zone and into our own fear – to grow.

This 90 day Active Challenge was extremely physical, mental and emotional.
There are times I was hanging on by fingertips with my feel sliding downhill on rocky slippery talus and scree ( loose rock). There were moments when my heart literally in my throat as I crossed a knife edge ridge with sheer drop offs going down hundreds of feet on either side. There was the mental challenge of separating FEAR from real danger and sometimes making a decision because of that assessment.

I had to structure my time the entire summer to allow full days that started with early mornings, week after week. I needed to remember to stretch afterwards or my legs would be like boards the next day. On climbing days I had to remember to eat and drink enough and to be protein focused in between for optimal muscle.

I had no weight I needed to lose or even body shape that needed changing. The results though were that I lost about a pound and gained some noticeable muscle in my quads and glutes.. Wish I’d measured them!!

15 years ago I used to climb a lot of peaks in a summer – prior to becoming a Mom. But never even when I had more freedom, did I climb this many in just 10 weeks.

This has been truly an accomplishment!


90 Day Active Challenge – Climbing Mountains

IMG_3181This summer I completed an epic Body By  Vi 90 Day Challenge in the ACTIVE category by climbing 13 mountains in Colorado.. I called it the Peak a Week Challenge , since it was technically 12 peaks in 12 weeks. The reality was 13 peaks accomplished  in 10.5 weeks!!

Here are some highlights from my Challenge Timeline!

What do I eat?

On climbing days , I start out with a Vi shake and coffee. Sometimes the coffee is in the shake.. Other times I load the shake with banana and peanut butter and ship the coffee while I’m driving.

In my pack I carry at least two Nutra- Cookies – trail mix (GORP), apple and orange, peanut butter sandwich and as much water as I can manage. For safely (which I tend to be very thoughtful of ) my goal is always to have enough food and water for the entire climb up and down, and to arrive back at the car with left over water and food.

Here is why…There is always the possibility of getting stuck out all night. Extra food and water is crucial..along with warm clothes, matches, whistle, first aid kit, knife, fire starter. Thus I try to NOT eat or drink everything I have until I’m super close to my car and know I’m back to safety.



Yes it’s 12 peaks in 12 weeks..and yes it sounds great to say
“A PEAK A WEEK” challenge..

The reality is that some weeks I can climb more and some weeks I can climb less. This week my husband is home on vacation leaving me many days when I don’t have be concerned with camp pick up or arranging playdates for my child so I can climb.

Also…next week I’m heading from a base of 9000 ft above sea level, to Orlando for Vitality. Going to sea level for even a few days in the middle of a high altitude challenge is not great. 5 days at sea level sets me back about 14 days in altitude acclimation. Thus…I’m getting in as many peaks as I can before Vitality.

Yesterday was of them – peaks 4 and 5.
Tomorrow morning I’m climbing Axtel – 12,055. There is no ridge climb or spine for this peak. One bushwacks straight up a drainage on the back side…no trail..just keep heading up.

Sunday we head up to the bowl between Ruby Mt. and Owen Mt. There is still snow in the bowl so that should be fun. Hoping to have my family climb the peak with me. It’s 12,644 is the top,but there is no knarly exposure and the top is as big as a football field, so there is nothing scary about the climb. We drive to the snowfield above Green Lake which sits at 11,652….

Prior to Vitality I’ll have climbed 7 peaks. I can return, re-acclimate and then to the last 5 in August.



Tomorrow is PEAK 8 of my 90 Day Challenge.
I’m excited to be doing one of my favorite types of climbs. Once I get up there – thinking about an hour climb – I’ll be primarily walking a very high ridge following the top of the Continental Divide. I’ve marked two peaks, but if I have time there are many more I can do on that same ridge. I’ll be calling the entire day “one peak”, unless it gets really gnarly and I climb a second one bigger than I expect from the map!



The Core Kit is my Challenge Kit of choice. I add Nutra Cookies and Vi Defy to it…

On climbing days I usually have one shake and two cookies, plus the Vi Defy.

On other days I tend to have my Nutra Cookie with coffee in the morning, and my shake later in the day as a snack or after a walk
After tomorrow I’ll have 4 more to reach my goal of 12.



Recent summer monsoon weather pattern has “created” a break in climbing. It’s not the wet as much as it’s the lightening. Exposed on a rocky peak in a thunder storm is bad Ju- ju!

Only 2 peaks left to go to reach 12 -so not stressing the weather quite yet.

Been reading the topo maps and planning the last two (though I’d love to actually do 3 or 4 before we head back to San Diego at the end of August – just for fun!)



I can’t believe there is only one peak left to reach the goal…
Since this is an active challenge, not a fitness or weight loss challenge, it ends when the activity goal is completed….but…..

I still have 2 weeks left in Colorado before heading back to our school year home on San Diego.. Maybe I’ll end up climbing 13 or 14!!



So I reached the goal of 12 in 90, in just 63…
Wondering what to do with the next 27 days…
Climb MORE!!
Peak 13 coming on friday (3 days from now)

Then I head to San Diego from Colorado – I think there are a few “mountains” there…at least they call them mountains (Colorado high altitude snob talking – LOL)



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Well Known Social Media Expert Chooses Visalus Sciences – Why?

First the History:

From phenomenal  Middle School Teacher, to well-respected contributor and leader on Better Networker.  Hired by Mike Klingler to run the Renegade University  Super Guide Program in 2008 and then brought to Portland, Oregon by Mike to be the Project Coordinator for Renegade Professional, a position he held through early 2010.

Most recently, he was hired as the Social Media Manager for 80/20 Marketing, the teaching/training/coaching and marketing  company owned by  internet network marketing Grand Dame, Ann Sieg. As many of you know, Ann is a super intelligent woman and an incredibly successful network marketer.

Next the Person:

Eric Walker marches to his own drummer and rises above the mediocrity often seen in our industry, to a level of human connection, compassion and relationship marketing acumen that is rare.  Eric has spent years watching, studying and unraveling the ingredients which come together to bake a top notch network marketing company.

So why after all these years did Eric Walker decide to join as a leader on the Visalus Dream Team, with Deborah Tutnauer and Melanie Milletics?  Eric would have been welcome on any network marketing team in the industry. In fact many have tried to prospect him, including myself and Melani Milletics for a number of years. So the real questions come down to:

Why Visalus ?

Why Now?

The Business Choice:

We’ll be interviewing Eric shortly to hear those answers in his own words. But for now, here’s what I know. Eric was only willing to join a company that aligned with his personal values , with his lifestyle and which enabled him to work within the deep framework of genuine “human business”.  His strong connection to athletics, fitness and health was a huge factor, (does anyone know just how well Eric plays baseball??!) since his business choices needed to have a symbiotic connection to his life choices.

Eric was only willing to sign on with a team that worked together and treated prospects and customers with a high level of respect. He saw this genuine regard for others in his immediate upline sponsors and within the corporate culture of Visalus. He wanted a product line that he would use in his own day to day life as well as proudly promote to those he knows both on and off the internet.  Eric was looking for a company that could be a solid part of his marketing funnel and business plan for many years to come – a company that has proven itself in the industry, yet still is just at the beginning of their momentum phase.

Eric chose Visalus now because it fits well into his business structure and because the timing is perfect within the company.  He joined a team with other proven internet marketing leaders who he could both learn from and teach.  Eric also realized that many of the crucial topics  in people’s mind these days in North America – Entrepreneurship, Health, Weight Loss, Addressing the Obesity Epidemic, Feeding Hungry Children – are also being addressed by Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge.

There have been many people who have wished they could work with Eric Walker, over the past few years. Only a select few were able to access his coaching services. Now Eric is available through Visalus as a teacher, training and supportive Upline Sponsor for anyone who wants to build a business within a thriving company, and do it right! You can access Eric’s Visalus information by clicking this link —>> http://www.bodybyvimi.com/.

But in addition, make sure you contact Eric directly — best through his Facebook page -- and tell him clearly that you want to join Visalus and work with him! Let him know that you are ready to take the Challenge for your own health and your financial greatness.