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body by vi | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Eat for Free

vi_shake_pictureIn our house we consumes hundreds of meals that cost us NOTHING!

Here’s how that is possible.

When you are a customer with Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge, you are able to earn free Challenge Kits (Free Visalus Shakes) just for referring 3 friends and helping them get started drinking Vi Shakes too.

It’s that simple. You don’t need to be a promoter or a distributor. You only need to be a customer ordering at least one bag of Vi Shakes on autoship per month. When you refer 3 people who also order the same or larger kit than you that same month, your Vi Shakes come free the following month.

Now that you are clear, let’s do the math.

In our household we have two people who qualify for free kits every month. Thus 4 bags of shake arrive at our house for only a small shipping cost. That translates into 120 meals per month for $20 ($10 shipping per two bags).  Here’s where it gets fun!

A normal meal for an individual eating AT HOME costs between $3 – $6. If that same person goes out for fast food , their meal costs between $5 -$8.  If they decide to eat a sit down restaurant, the average meal can range from $10 – $40.  Multiply all those numbers by 120 meals being replaced by FREE Nutritious Delicious Meal Replacement Shakes. Here’s what you get.

At the lowest end of a careful shopper eating smartly at home,  $3 x 120 = $360

Mid-range, which is more the norm for most people between home meals and fast food, $6 x 120 = $720

There is no need to even calculate the high end.

The point is clear.. even if you and your family tend towards $3 per meal, you could save $360 per month for two family members on The Challenge – or $180 for just one person on The Challenge.

Any questions?

Oh Yeah order your Vi Shakes today…Get Started By Clicking Here! 


Vi Oatmeal Pancakes – Old Favorite – New Nutrition

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Vi Oatmeal Pancakes – Old Favorite – New Nutrition

These Vi Oatmeal Pancakes are so delicious they deserve their own blog post. They are perfect while on your Body By Vi  Challenge for Breakfast!

Many think of the Vi Shape Nutritional Shake Mix as just for smoothies, yet the possibilities for cooking with it are endless.

These Vi Oatmeal Pancakes make a common breakfast item super delicious and nutritious.

  • Blend 1 Cup Vi Shape Nutritional Shake Mix
  • 1.5 cups unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 2 cups dry Oatmeal
  • 3 eggs

    body by vi challenge breakfast

    Vi Oatmeal Pancakes

Too thick – add more Almond Milk

Too thin – add more Oatmeal

Makes 16 medium size pancakes, serving size = 4.

21 grams of protein and 308 calories per serving.

Try Vi Oatmeal Pancakes tomorrow for your Body By Vi Challenge Breakfast


5 Reasons to Choose Body By Visalus

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5 Reasons to Choose Body By Visalus

It is no secret that Body By Visalus is the hottest weight loss challenge in all of North America. Body By Visalus has taken the continent by storm, growing methodically from one household to the next, with its extremely easy and simple weight loss formula.

If you are looking to lose weight, or maybe gain muscle (people do both with Body By Visalus), there are many reasons why you may choose the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge over other mainstream weight loss companies or products.

The Top 5 Reasons to Pick Body By Visalus Over the Other Wannabes

1. Simplicity

If your diet or weight loss plan does not consist of simplicity, you are going to fail. It has been shown again and again that people who make drastic changes to their lifestyle often fail in the changes they seek. It is all about the slow gradual shift, and the same goes for weight loss.

Body By Visalus is super simple, all it is, is meal replacement shakes that have over 1000 delicious flavor recipes. (Very good ones at that)

2. Effectiveness

It is one thing when you hear someone lose 10lbs, I mean 10lbs can be done in a few days with a fad diet.  But when you hear someone who has a lot to lose, suddenly drop 50 lbs in just 3 months? That is when it is time to pay attention and try this out.

The sheer quantity of testimonials show the effectiveness of the Body By Visalus. If you are going to put yourself through a weight loss ritual, you may as well choose one that actually works!

3. Support

Any good diet will have its challenges and obstacles. There will be plenty of days where you simply just do not want to do it. No worries, that is completely normal. One of the things that makes Body By Visalus so fantastic is the support. Every customer should have their own personal promoter of the products that checks up on them and helps them with their goals. (If you order on Amazon or some other Vi Shake reseller, you will not receive this crucial support).

Plus Visalus offers over $47 in prizes every year and the opportunity to win $1000 just for losing the first 10 pounds!! Lastly – RESULTS are 100% guaranteed! (If you order on Amazon or some other Vi Shake reseller, you will not receive these exciting prizes and guarantees)

4. It’s Free

Okay, so it is not totally for free, but it can be if you refer 3 of your friends to doing it with you. Which is more fun? Becoming healthy alone or with friends? My bet is on with friends, since at heart we are all very social animals.

This is the only weight loss program that I know that does it. Actually, I take that back, since so many other companies saw how successful Body By Visalus was with this whole three and it’s free deal, I have seen other companies copycat their marketing to try and keep using their products.

When companies start copying other companies, you know you got something magical here.

5. Cash Prizes, Vacations, Photo Shoots and More

Every person that starts the Body By Visalus Challenge, is also a contestant in a competition  if they want to engage. Depending on which category of the contest you are in, in 90 days from the day you start, you could win  prizes, trips, free products and more,  just for getting healthier.

I am not talking about little keychains that no one really cares about, but rather about REAL awesome gifts. (Hollywood makeovers anyone?)

Every WEEK Visalus also gives away $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds in Project 10 !!

There are plenty more reasons than just 5 reasons why you should the Body By Visalus 90 Day Challenge, but these are some to get your mind inspired and to get your butt into gear. There is no better time to start with your health than there is right now. Click here to get started with your own Body By Visalus 90 Day Challenge.

Vi Bimmer Club and How to Get the Keys to Success

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It is no secret that the promoters of the Body By Vi can earn a  Visalus branded Bimmer. All it takes is tenacity and more importantly… volume, sales volume that is. For those not really familiar with Body By Vi and why they give away a , it is pretty simple. Body By Vi, also called Visalus, is a network marketing company that sells a line of health products, mainly focused on losing weight and body transformations.
Promoters of the 90 Day Challenge who successfully reach a certain sales volume can get a BMW simply for doing a good job at promoting The Challenge. How it works is that you share the Body By Vi products via challenge parties, word of mouth and marketing. Once you build up enough volume to hit Regional Director ($12,500 in monthly gross volume), you will be earning around $1500 per month plus a $600 monthly stipend to lease or buy your own  BMW.

You can offer the Body By Vi products any way you wan t to earn the BMW. Typically most people find success through challenge parties, but there are tons of strategies out there. For example, many people use Facebook to reach out to new people and to build a clientele through social media. Others prefer blogging (such as this), where people can find them through various means such as SEO.

What is really cool is if you can master internet marketing, you can literally create customers on autopilot. Of course, nothing will ever beat out the personal relationships you form with people, and customers you have personal relationships with will always be your most loyal. Yet, this style of marketing can lead to the success of owning your very own BMW

The key to success is joining the right team. Join the people that KNOW what they are doing and are having success with the program. If you can do this, you will succeed, because they can show you exactly what to do, all you have to do is be coachable and be trainable. Once you learn what to do, then you just go out and do it A LOT.

There is an old saying in the world of sales… “Talk to 20 people a day, keeps the commission checks coming my way”. There is a lot of truth to it, no matter how good you get this kind of business will always be a numbers game. Knowing that going in, make sure you do not over complicate this business model. It is extremely simple to understand how it works: Sell products, sponsor other promoters, teach those distributors to sell products and sponsor other promoters.

Very simple. You can keep it simple or make it painstakingly complex – that is totally up to you.


Visalus National Success Training – Why Vi?

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Visalus National Success Training St. Louis -Why I am so happy to be here!
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Should I Buy Vi Shake or Order a Vi Shake Sample ?

Should I buy Vi Shake or Order a Vi Shake Sample?

The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example,  you may have a friend in another state who is a promoter for Visalus and you want to order Vi Shakes from her. But you would prefer to taste it first.  That would be a good reasons to order a Vi Shake Sample. Taste the shake mix that tastes like cake mix and then tell your friend you love it and are ready to order.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a connection and are just searching for Body By Vi Shakes on the internet it makes more sense to buy Vi Shake. Here’s why. Your initial order of Vi Shakes is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you order a Vi Shake Sample you receive just one serving- one shake. But if you buy Vi Shake and just order a $49 Balance Kit, you receive thirty shakes. Now you have the chance to try different recipes and also see how your body responds to two shakes per day for 15 days. If you love it,  go back into your account and buy another Vi Shake Challenge Kit. If you don’t like them, you can return the empty bag to Visalus and receive a full refund!!

Should I buy vi shake or order a vi shake sample   is a question I answer every day. Many people end up talking to me because  they decided to order a vi shake sample, picked up the phone because they saw a phone number on the page and preferred talking to a live person. In most cases, we decide that it is better for them to buy a bag for Vi Shake than it is to order a Vi Shake Sample. But in some cases, we determine that the sample situation is better for them.

Either way  – Don’t put it off any longer. If you’ve been investigating the Body By Vi Challenge and the Visalus Vi Shape Shake, get your hands on some. You will see why 150,000 people per month are joining the challenge all across North America. A Shake that tastes this good and works this well is hard to walk away from!

Did You Know – Visalus Edgy Awesome Social Media Power

visalus_social_mediaWith traditional advertising on the decline, social media has stepped in and connected users around the world unlike any communication platform of the past. ViSalus has made social media marketing one of its main focuses and the results have been incredible. The power of social media is being felt today like never before. See how Visalus does it!!
See More Vi Videos

TRX Training for Body By Vi 90 – Day 21 – 53 Years Old


Body By Vi 3.0 – Compounding Growth Visalus Sciences

Visalus Sciences launched the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge in the summer of 2009. It was a monumental leap of faith along with a thoroughly researched understanding of how consumers were making spending decisions after the recession hit and also why so many direct sales companies were closing or struggling in the same time period.

visalus_growth_graphBy Summer 2010 it appeared that Visalus had hit a jackpot. In fact by October 2010 Visalus closed out the month with close to 600% revenue growth over January of that same year.  Retention of customers and promoters increased a full 20% in the same time period.

Then things really started getting crazy! In early 2011 the company won the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Biggest Turnaround Award for their results in 2010.  In the Summer of 2011 Visalus Sciences announced the Body By Vi Challenge 2.0 with upgraded websites, tools, marketing materials and more.  And then 2012 hit! Another DSA award ensued for the most growth of any Direct Sales company in 2011.

body_by_vi_business2012 showed continued double digit growth every month. By summer 2012 a new person was joining the Body By Vi Challenge every 20 seconds across North America. Every single second of every day, 7 people drink a Vi Shape Shake. Every 40 minutes a new Visalus promoter qualifies for the Body By Vi BMW Bonus.

At Vitality 2012, the biggest company event of the year, over 20,000 people sat in the stands at the Miami Heat Arena as Visalus announced Body By Vi 3.0. The branding had matured into one fitting of a Billion Dollar Brand. Every aspect of Visalus is polished, upgraded, edgy, accessible and appealing. Now in full momentum Visalus is poised to take it’s rightful place as one of the biggest success stories in Direct Selling history.

Now it is your turn. Grab the tail of this shooting star and realize your dreams by helping others get healthy, fit and financially free!



Boomer Radio Network Highlights Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic is upon us. The newest HBO documentary The Weight of A Nation tells the story in amazing detail. It has put the issue in front of us along with how we change. Boomer Radio Network presents topics of interest to the Baby Boomer Generation. In this brief episode, we discuss the epidemic, willpower, agribusiness in the US and a simple way to get started making a lasting life style change.