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body by vi shakes | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Beyond the Blender – Vi Shakes – Not Just for Drinking

I LOVE that Visalus now has a website dedicated to non-Shake Vi Recipes!!

I’ve been cooking with my Vi Shake Nutritional Shake Mix for 3 years, but I am not much of a cook. I make Vi Chocolate pudding and a semi- fair Vi pancake.

A few months ago Visalus Sciences contacted top food bloggers , gave them a some Vi Shake and asked them to create a recipes. The results were fantastic. Vi puddings, cookies, pancakes, breads and more…

body by vi challenge breakfast

Vi Oatmeal Pancakes

The pictures alone are mouth watering.

So order your Vi Shakes today and start baking – Vi Shakes are not just for drinking anymore!!

Click Here to ORDER Vi Shake

Check out the Beyond The Blender Website by clicking here!

Get Healthy with Shakes Twice A Day – with Chef Marion

Thinking about staying healthy for the holidays?

Wanting to Get Healthy in the New Year?

Get Healthy with Shakes Twice a Day

Chef Marion interview Deborah Tutnauer about the Body By Vi Challenge

Two shakes per day melts the pounds away! Learn more in this informative and funny video/interview!

Order Body By Vi – Visalus Shakes – The Easy Way

There’s nothing that hard about ordering Body By Vi Shakes,  Yet I receive phone calls every day from people trying to order Visalus Shakes and struggling. Let’s make it easy!!

Go To This Web Site—>> www.OrderBodyByViShakes.com/

Fill in your email

Click the “Order Now” link on the email that appears in your inbox

If you have any trouble —>> Call this number: 970-209-7473

Why do so many people want to order the Body By Vi Visalus Shakes? Because they taste good, they are good for you and they get you the results that you are looking for. Whether it’s weight loss, fitness, muscle mass or overall improved nutrition, Body by Vi Shakes by Visalus are bounding  ahead of all the competition because they do what they say they are going to do. And they taste delicious! We even give you over 100 recipes so you can have a different shake for every meal for 50 days!

Body By Vi Shape Kit – Why People LOVE This Body By Vi Challenge Kit

With the Body By Vi Challenge, you have 4 kits to choose from. They are:

  • Balance Kit
  • Shape Kit
  • Core Kit
  • Transformation Kit

Each kit is designed to address a specific type of 90 day Challenge goal.

body by vi shakeThe Balance Kit is for those looking to add additional nutrition to their day, found in one Vi Shake per day. You receive thirty shakes for just $49, enough for one Vi Shape Shake per day for a month.

The Shape Kit gives you sixty shakes per month and is designed for those looking to lose under 15 to 20 pounds. People love the Shape kit because they can easily consume two Vi Shakes per day in place of two meals, eat two healthy snacks and one healthy main meal and lose weight easily and simply. The Body By Vi Shape Kit costs $99 for 60 meals.

The Core Kit is designed for the active lifestyle and for people who do not have weight loss as their primary 90 day challenge goal, but rather improved fitness, performance and overall health. The Visalus Core Kit combines the Vi Shake with the famous  Vi Pak, along with other nutrition and performance enhancing product. You receive a 30 day supply of every item, for just $199.

The Transformation Kit is a full weight loss program designed for those who have over 15-20 pounds to lose. The Body By Vi Transformation Kit is changing the way people view weight loss. For just $8 per day, the Kit replaces 2 meals along with that afternoon “pick me up” from Starbucks, etc… The Transformation Kit includes 60 shakes, same as the Shape kit, but then goes on to provide extra support for your weight loss journey in the form of energy, metabolism boosters, appetite suppressant and omega 3’s and omega 6’s. For just $249 per month, the Body By Vi Transformation Kit will get your pounds dropping off, even without exercise!!

So why do people LOVE the Body By Vi Shape Kit? Because it offers 2 shakes per day for a price far below what people spend on groceries! Where else can you get 60 meals for under $100? Those who have a lot of weight to lose will generally choose the Transformation Kit…But for those in the under 20 pounds to lose category, there is nothing on the market today which will give you better nutrition, better taste at a more affordable price than the Body By Vi Shape Kit.

To Order Now —>>> Click—>>>www.BestWeightLossShake.com

Need to Try Before You Buy?—>>>www.ViShakeSample.com