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Body by vi core kit | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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How to Use the Body By Vi Challenge Kit

How to use the Body By Vi Challenge Kit

You receive your Body By Vi Challenge Kit and open the box. What then?

In your box is either  Body By Vi Balance Kit, Shape Kit, Core Kit, Transformation Kit or Fit Kit.

All Visalus Challenge Kits comes with the industry shake leader, the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake and Visalus Flavor Mix Ins with added nutrition. Beyond that, each kit is designed for different health and fitness goals.

Below the descriptions is the video showing you how to use your new kit!

Body By Vi Balance Kit: Balance your nutrition with this                                             body by vi challenge kit
once-daily boost to your health.
Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix: Help shape your
body with perfect nutrition. (30 servings)
Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins: Add to your shake
for fun, variety, and health benefits! (5 servings)

Body By Vi Shape Kit: See results and help shape your
body with 60 power-packed meals.
Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix: Help shape your
body with perfect nutrition. (60 servings)
Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins: Add to your shake
for fun, variety, and health benefi ts! (10 servings)

Body By Vi Core Kit:  Support your active lifestyle with
balanced nutrition and an advanced
anti-aging and energy system.
Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix: Help shape your
body with perfect nutrition. (30 servings.)
Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins: Add to your shake
for fun, variety, and health benefi ts! (5 servings)
ViSalus NEURO™ Smart Energy Drink Mix: Get healthy
energy. Nutrition for body and your brain! (30 servings)
Vi-pak® complete health system: Molecularly-distilled
Omega Oils; chelated Multi-Mineral & Vitamin;
Supercharged Antioxidant; and our patented Anti-
Aging & Energy formula. (30 servings)

Body By Vi Transformation Kit:  Ultimate shaping and nutrition support to help you
transform your body and feel maximum results.
Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix: Help shape your body with perfect nutrition.
(60 servings)
Vi-Slim® Metab-Awake Tablets: Nutritional support to help you burn fat faster, without
jitters or stimulants. (30 servings)
Vi-Trim® Clear Control Drink Mix: Add to your shake or any beverage to keep hunger at bay
and help prevent diet sabotage. (30 servings)
Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins: Add to your shake for fun, variety, and health benefi ts!
(10 servings)
Omega Vitals™: Help your joints, your skin, your hair, your heart and every cell in your body
with our exclusive blend of life enhancing oils, including evening primrose, pumpkin seed,
and molecularly distilled fi sh oils. (30 servings)
ViSalus NEURO™ Smart Energy Drink Mix: Get healthy energy. Nutrition for body and
your brain! (30 servings)

Body By Vi Fit Kit:  Nutrition to power athletic performance.
Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix: Help shape your body with perfect nutrition.
(60 servings)
Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins: Add to your shake for fun, variety, and health benefi ts!
(5 servings)
Nutra-Cookie™: Protein, fi ber, and nutrient cookie. Ten of each fl avor included: Chocolate
Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Peanut Butter. (30 servings)
ViSalus PRO™ Prolonged Energy Drink Mix: Supports athletic performance and
endurance by giving you the muscle energy you need throughout your workout.
(30 servings)
ViSalus GO™ Instant Energy Drink Shots: Give yourself a boost of instant energy to kick
start your workout with this convenient shot, or take during your workout for the energy
to go the extra mile. (30 servings)

Visalus Body By Vi Challenge Reviews – FAQs too

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What is it you’ve been dying to ask about Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge?

We field phone call every day from people asking about weight loss , cost, taste, recipes and everything in between.

In this post I’d like to be a bit creative. I’m going to answer some FAQ’s about Body By Vi – commonly asked questions . And I’m going to offer the opportunity at the bottom for you to post your review if you are already using the products and ask your questions if you are not. I promise to do my best to answer every question that is asked in the review section or the comments. If I happen to miss yours, I apologize from the get go.

Scroll to the very bottom of the post to complete your review and ask your questions.


(ViSalus Body by Vi™ FAQs: taken from Visalus Promoter/Customer Information by Visalus Sciences
© 2012 ViSalus All Rights Reserved.)

1. What is “Body by Vi™?”
The Body by Vi™ Challenge is for everybody, and every BODY! Simply put it is a challenge that encourages you
to make a change within 90 days. Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, or just get more active, ViSalus™ has
products, tools, and information to help you achieve your goals!
ViSalus™ has created Body by Vi™ to help you utilize our life transforming products and benefit from our online
and offline support tools. ViSalus’ exclusive challenge offers a simple, nutritional program with fun and easy
recipes, menu plans, exercise videos, and online community support. If you’d prefer not to be weighed in public,
eat expensive foods, or watch endless exercise videos that aren’t targeted to your specific needs, then this is the
program for you!
Body by Vi™ is designed to fit your lifestyle. Body by Vi™ is a 90–Day challenge that transforms people’s lives. The
products are bundled for ultimate results, nutrition, and value. You can save money, and even get your kit for FREE
when you have others join the challenge. And $100 off normal retail prices makes the deal even sweeter!
2. What is in the kit?
There are five kits in the Body by Vi™ program. You can choose the kit that will be most suitable to helping you
achieve your goals.
1. Balance Kit: provides a shake a day to help balance nutrition. We recommend it for breakfast, as almost half
of adults don’t’ eat breakfast, and of those that do—their breakfasts tend to be high carb, high calorie foods,
such as: cereal, muffins, donuts, toast or bagels. You can save calories, save money, and fuel your body with
nutrition designed to help balance blood sugar, and help keep you full and satisfied. The kit can help with
weight maintenance and it includes:
»» 1 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake mix to provide 30 balanced meals over 30 days.
»» A sample assortment of our Health Flavor Mix-Ins for variety and added nutrition.
2. Shape Kit: an easy way to shape your body, slim down, and get fit. The kit includes:
»» 2 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake mix pouches to provide 60 balanced meals over 60 days. 2 shakes a day help
melt the pounds away.

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Endurance Athletes – How Can Body By Vi Help Performance

The Body by Vi Challenge is a 90 day health transformation challenge that is a perfect platform for endurance athletes such as marathon runners and triathletes. No, the Body By Vi Challenge is NOT just a weight loss challenge. It can be a challenge for improving your marathon time, or your swim time. It can be about getting stronger, faster, more efficient, more fluid in your movements.

The Body By Vi Core Kit is the kit of choice for athletes. It combine the Vi-Shape Shake mix with Neuro Smart Energy, and the Vi Pak! Athletes love the Vi Pak!  Having the Core Kit as the nutrition, athletes then set their 90 day goals in measurable form so that progress can be seen and  calculated.

Finding a group of like-minded people with similar goals to do a 90 day challenge together makes it fun and often more successful! A group of runners all working towards a 90 day goal…or a marathon, half-marathon or 10 K together is wonderful. The same applies to triathletes training as a team. Using the foundation of the Body by Vi Challenge for endurance athletes, the nutrition in the Core Kit and the goal setting outline of the 90 day challenge, great goals can be more easily attained.

To learn more or order your Body By Vi Core Kit, Click here now!

PS. Visalus is hinting a special product will be release shortly that will provide even more benefits to endurance athletes. Stay tuned for more information within the next week.

Body By Vi Shape Kit – Why People LOVE This Body By Vi Challenge Kit

With the Body By Vi Challenge, you have 4 kits to choose from. They are:

  • Balance Kit
  • Shape Kit
  • Core Kit
  • Transformation Kit

Each kit is designed to address a specific type of 90 day Challenge goal.

body by vi shakeThe Balance Kit is for those looking to add additional nutrition to their day, found in one Vi Shake per day. You receive thirty shakes for just $49, enough for one Vi Shape Shake per day for a month.

The Shape Kit gives you sixty shakes per month and is designed for those looking to lose under 15 to 20 pounds. People love the Shape kit because they can easily consume two Vi Shakes per day in place of two meals, eat two healthy snacks and one healthy main meal and lose weight easily and simply. The Body By Vi Shape Kit costs $99 for 60 meals.

The Core Kit is designed for the active lifestyle and for people who do not have weight loss as their primary 90 day challenge goal, but rather improved fitness, performance and overall health. The Visalus Core Kit combines the Vi Shake with the famous  Vi Pak, along with other nutrition and performance enhancing product. You receive a 30 day supply of every item, for just $199.

The Transformation Kit is a full weight loss program designed for those who have over 15-20 pounds to lose. The Body By Vi Transformation Kit is changing the way people view weight loss. For just $8 per day, the Kit replaces 2 meals along with that afternoon “pick me up” from Starbucks, etc… The Transformation Kit includes 60 shakes, same as the Shape kit, but then goes on to provide extra support for your weight loss journey in the form of energy, metabolism boosters, appetite suppressant and omega 3’s and omega 6’s. For just $249 per month, the Body By Vi Transformation Kit will get your pounds dropping off, even without exercise!!

So why do people LOVE the Body By Vi Shape Kit? Because it offers 2 shakes per day for a price far below what people spend on groceries! Where else can you get 60 meals for under $100? Those who have a lot of weight to lose will generally choose the Transformation Kit…But for those in the under 20 pounds to lose category, there is nothing on the market today which will give you better nutrition, better taste at a more affordable price than the Body By Vi Shape Kit.

To Order Now —>>> Click—>>>www.BestWeightLossShake.com

Need to Try Before You Buy?—>>>www.ViShakeSample.com

Body By Vi Core Kit – What is so great?

The Body By Vi Core kit is one that most people find confusing at first, and fall in love with later. This Visalus Core Kit is designed for optimum health and weight, once necessary weight loss has been achieved. The Core Kit contains 30 shake supply of  Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix (one per day for a month), Visalus Neuro Smart Energy, and the Visalus Vi-Pak which provides a level of premium nutrition that is hard to match.

When I began my first Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, my focus was on losing 10 stubborn pounds and some post menopausal inches.  The Body By Vi Challenge kits I used initially were the Transformation Kit and the Shape Kit. Sixty days into my 90 day challenge I added the Vi-Pak to my day and was amazed!! My already high level of energy went up, yet I slept better and woke up more refreshed every morning.  And it’s been that way ever since!

Athletes swear by the Body By Vi Core Kit for optimal nutrition while training and performing. The combination of the Vi Shakes with Neuro and the Vi-Pak, cannot be beat.