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body by vi challenge | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

Awesome Videos From Mountain Tops – Body By Vi Challenge

Climbing Mountains was the focus this summer for Body By Vi 90 Day Active Challenge.
Join me on 4 of the 13 – one I even filmed on a narrow ridge walk!

Body By Vi Active Challenge Winner

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Challenge WinnerYou may wonder about the title to this post – think it a bit presumptuous. I prefer to call it – positive thinking!. Also, in my 3 years with the Body By Vi Challenge, I have yet to see an Active Body By Vi Champion do a challenge like this.

12 Mountain Peaks in 12 weeks is the goal. Three weeks into my challenge and I’ve climbed 3 peaks, so right on schedule. The one in this video is peak number THREE!

Project 10 Kids is on Fire!

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Project 10 Kids is on Fire!!

When you lose, a child wins with Project 10 Kids

It doesn’t get much better than that. You know if you need to lose that spare tire around your middle . Summer is coming fast and you won’t have a place to hide it anymore. But help is here!!

You see, at the Body By Vi Challenge we know that no matter how much weight you need to lose* your first 10 pounds are the most important. Everyone needs to start with the first 10

So at Project 10 we reward and celebrate your first 10 pounds lost AND we make the achievement super powered by including Project 10 Kids, where for every 10 pounds you lose, a kid in need also struggling with obesity wins a 30 day supply of Vi-Shape Shakes!

Every week at Project 10 we give away $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds. Every participant gets an i Lost it ! T-Shirt. And with Project 10 Kids, when you lose, a kid wins!!

100’s of Vi Shake Recipes will keep you satisfied for eons, while your body thanks you with every sip!

With a 90 day money back results guarantee – You’ve got nothing to lose but the weight!

(*For building muscle – it still starts with the first 10. Gain 10 – help kids too with Project 10 Kids and get an i Built it! T-shirt!)

Get Started on your Project 10 Today – Join the Body By Vi Challenge!!

How to Get a Free Body By Challenge Kit

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How to get a free Body By Vi Challenge Kit.

Truly disappearing autoship exists in Visalus.  Body By Vi Challengers, whether customers or promoters of The Challenge can all get their Body By Vi Challenge kit for free with the 3 For Free customer referral program.

Just refer 3 people to The Challenge with your Challenge website that every Body By Vi customer and promoter receives. When 3 people order the same or greater kit as you through your link, you will have your kit shipped to you for free the following month. You’ll only pay for shipping. No charge for your actual Challenge Kit!!

And it gets even better.  Some Body By Vi Promoters have many many customer . Those customers can be moved to help you get your kit for free. How does that work?

It’s simple.  Get started on your Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge by clicking here. Then send an email to dtutnauer@yahoo.com and let me know that you just became a Visalus customer through my link and you want to get your next kit for free! I will personally work with you to get it done. If the circumstances are right, I’ll even move a customer to you when you get your first two and you’ll get a Free Challenge Kit. Anything is possible. But only if you get started.

Get Started on your Body By VI Challenge Today.

5 Reasons to Choose Body By Visalus

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5 Reasons to Choose Body By Visalus

It is no secret that Body By Visalus is the hottest weight loss challenge in all of North America. Body By Visalus has taken the continent by storm, growing methodically from one household to the next, with its extremely easy and simple weight loss formula.

If you are looking to lose weight, or maybe gain muscle (people do both with Body By Visalus), there are many reasons why you may choose the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge over other mainstream weight loss companies or products.

The Top 5 Reasons to Pick Body By Visalus Over the Other Wannabes

1. Simplicity

If your diet or weight loss plan does not consist of simplicity, you are going to fail. It has been shown again and again that people who make drastic changes to their lifestyle often fail in the changes they seek. It is all about the slow gradual shift, and the same goes for weight loss.

Body By Visalus is super simple, all it is, is meal replacement shakes that have over 1000 delicious flavor recipes. (Very good ones at that)

2. Effectiveness

It is one thing when you hear someone lose 10lbs, I mean 10lbs can be done in a few days with a fad diet.  But when you hear someone who has a lot to lose, suddenly drop 50 lbs in just 3 months? That is when it is time to pay attention and try this out.

The sheer quantity of testimonials show the effectiveness of the Body By Visalus. If you are going to put yourself through a weight loss ritual, you may as well choose one that actually works!

3. Support

Any good diet will have its challenges and obstacles. There will be plenty of days where you simply just do not want to do it. No worries, that is completely normal. One of the things that makes Body By Visalus so fantastic is the support. Every customer should have their own personal promoter of the products that checks up on them and helps them with their goals. (If you order on Amazon or some other Vi Shake reseller, you will not receive this crucial support).

Plus Visalus offers over $47 in prizes every year and the opportunity to win $1000 just for losing the first 10 pounds!! Lastly – RESULTS are 100% guaranteed! (If you order on Amazon or some other Vi Shake reseller, you will not receive these exciting prizes and guarantees)

4. It’s Free

Okay, so it is not totally for free, but it can be if you refer 3 of your friends to doing it with you. Which is more fun? Becoming healthy alone or with friends? My bet is on with friends, since at heart we are all very social animals.

This is the only weight loss program that I know that does it. Actually, I take that back, since so many other companies saw how successful Body By Visalus was with this whole three and it’s free deal, I have seen other companies copycat their marketing to try and keep using their products.

When companies start copying other companies, you know you got something magical here.

5. Cash Prizes, Vacations, Photo Shoots and More

Every person that starts the Body By Visalus Challenge, is also a contestant in a competition  if they want to engage. Depending on which category of the contest you are in, in 90 days from the day you start, you could win  prizes, trips, free products and more,  just for getting healthier.

I am not talking about little keychains that no one really cares about, but rather about REAL awesome gifts. (Hollywood makeovers anyone?)

Every WEEK Visalus also gives away $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds in Project 10 !!

There are plenty more reasons than just 5 reasons why you should the Body By Visalus 90 Day Challenge, but these are some to get your mind inspired and to get your butt into gear. There is no better time to start with your health than there is right now. Click here to get started with your own Body By Visalus 90 Day Challenge.

New Body By Vi Challenge – 90 Day Results Guarantee

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New Body By Vi – 90 Day Results Guaranteenew body by vi 90 day results guarantee

The NEW Body by Vi™ Challenge—
90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee

Start today—>> Click Here Now for JOIN page!

Having already helped millions of people lose millions of pounds, we’re
so confident that in 2013, the NEW Body by Vi Challenge is offering a
90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee.

Guarantee is available if you are a ViSalus Customer or Promoter who:
■■ Purchases a Challenge Kit and uses products as directed for 90 days
■■ “Go Public” with your Challenge goal at challenge.com
■■ If you are not satisfied with your Challenge results after completing the above steps, give us a call
at (877) VISALUS within 10 days of completing your Challenge

Start today—>> Click Here Now for JOIN page!

Obesity in Children is Threat to Health and Economy

San Francisco Chronicle reported the following article.  The article highlights how crucial it is to address the obesity epidemic in children and adults in the United Stated. Obesity in children is a threat to health and the economy

Read the original article here

Former President Bill Clinton  says there are economic and humanitarian reasons to combat childhood obesity

Clinton spoke in Little Rock on Sunday at a national forum on childhood obesity and said staying healthy would help Americans have more money in their pockets.

Clinton says U.S. residents spend almost 18 percent of their income on health care and that making healthy choices would drive that number down.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that obesity rates in children have nearly tripled since 1980, with more than 20 percent obese and more than one-third of children overweight.

Clinton’s foundation and the American Heart Association  founded the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which in 2006 launched the Healthy Schools Program to provide training and educational resources to schools.

There is a genuine and serious concern among the health care community that childhood obesity is creating a generation of children that will not live as long as their parents. Obesity in childhood sets children up for a host of chronic diseases that will plague them and ultimately shorten their lives. These include, diabetes, heart issues, blood pressure issues and cancer. Unhealthy children grow into unhealthy adults who cannot contribute to the economy and drain resources of their communities and their families.

Starting in childhood is crucial to addressing the obesity epidemic. Even children can benefit from a healthy eating program like the Body By Vi Challenge, adjusted for children.

Final Days of Fried Food – Boomer Radio Network

Final Days of Fried Food is a euphemism for the change that is coming in how individuals, society and the country as a whole interact with food. For too long the economics of the agribusiness complex have dictated our food choices with slick advertising and strong messaging. With the obesity epidemic raging, the time has come to say NO MORE.

Join us. Join the Body By Vi Challenge.



TRX Training for Body By Vi 90 – Day 21 – 53 Years Old


Visalus Nick Sarnicola Honors James Cordova – Living Life in Passion

visalus_james_cordovaJust hours before arriving in San Diego for a market launching group challenge party, Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen – Visalus Sciences Co-Founders – were at the bedside of James Cordova. James and his wife Tosha were the very first Body By Vi Challenge Couples Champions. James achieved the rank of Visalus Ambassador and was awarded his Black Jacket by the Visalus founders just weeks after he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer and possibly only days before he will leave this earth.

In this video, Nick Sarnicola shares his experience with James and asks us all to live our lives with passion and in full gratitude. This is a powerful presentation. Watch and take action.