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Average Revenue Per MLM Distributor – Visalus Business

Average Revenue Per MLM Distributor – Visalus Business

Based on 2010 statistics, the average revenue per  active MLM distributor throughout the industry, is $1400 per year. This breaks down to $116 per month per person.

This number is the amount of volume generated per distributor, averaged out over all network marketing companies that are public and transparent with their financial reports.

Visalus Sciences states that their average per active distributor revenue is $425 per month – almost four times the industry average. What does this mean to you? It means that with a Visalus Business you can earn more money with less people in your team. The mission of Visalus to address the obesity epidemic head on, and to focus on bringing the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge into mainstream living rooms throughout the world, has led to a huge impact on non-business builders.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge teaches it’s promoters to focus on Promoting The Challenge – not on pitching a business opportunity. The mindset is that The Challenge is accessible and beneficial to most people! So many need to lose weight. Others want to improve their fitness, gain muscle or take on an active challenge. Only a small percentage of people in any population are wanting to truly be entrepreneurs. By focusing on customers AND making it simple for those customers to introduce The Challenge to 3 friends and earn their Challenge Kit for Free- Vi effectively has created a business model that puts more volume and thus more money into each distributor’s business.

When I did the math for my personal downline I discovered that our per distributor average was $654 -SIX TIMES the industry average. That means that the Body By Vi Promoters on my team are making an impact on many more customers per distributor than the average, and making more money with fewer team members/less work. I LOVE this statistic. To me it means that we have a Visalus Business, are doing what we are passionate about doing – sharing The Challenge and kicking Obesity in the “you-know-what”!!

visalus-businessNow and throughout the fall of 2013, Visalus is running a Lifetime Challenge Bonus Promotion. They have added incentives into the compensation plan to increase the number of people being exposed to and engaging in a 90 Day Health Challenge! I have  a personal mission of bringing this challenge and this Plan B financial opportunity to a group of people who would not normally be exposed to network marketing. The Body By Vi Challenge is mainstream and those who already interact with and help others are the ones who need to know about this. Pastors, Teachers, Doctors, Coaches. Because of the increase in interest, I’ve started an interview process for those who want to learn more, or referrals of those you know.

Please contact directly at info@join-body-by-vi.com or visit http://PromoteBodyByVi.com to gather information for yourself.

Body By Vi Business Statistics – Visalus 2012 Year in Review Video

Body By Vi Business Statistics – Visalus 2012 Year in Review Video


What’s coming next in 2013 and beyond?
Call 970-209-7473 to discuss and learn how you can make a difference and make an living!

Body By Vi Business – Real Life Ups and Downs

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Body By Vi Business – Real Life Ups and Downs

Most of the time, the business stories you see about Body By Vi or other Direct Sales Companies, are one of two kinds. You see the amazing quick success stories or you see the sour grapes “it didn’t work for me and Body By Vi is a scam” stories.

The reality is that those are the ends of the spectrum and there is a lot that goes on in between those ends, in most people’s Body By Vi Business. The purpose of this post is share some real life ups and downs Promoting Body By Vi as a Business. You’ll read about real average people who are not the sky rocketing super stars (yet) but have stuck with it, learned the skill and are making a nice part time or even full time income in their Body By Vi Business.

I began my Body By Vi Business in October 2010. At the time I was primarily an internet marketer so I approached my business from that perspective. It was relatively easy at the time to rank on Google searches and make customer sales online. My initial team members were also internet marketers and for a solid year and a half we were able to dominate the internet marketing space for customer sales.  As we brought in non-internet savvy Body By Vi business partners, we needed to go offline and teach our promoters the very successful Visalus system for promoting The Challenge.  The switch from internet focus to on-the-ground real time promoting was challenging, but most did it over time.

Now we were doing both – following the Body By Vi business system offline and continuing to create traffic and sales online. My business sky rocketed and I was quickly on my way to the top of the Visalus Comp plan. Then something shifted. In his new book “Go Pro” Eric Worre shares how he had to rebuild his team 7 times in his first 3 years in the industry. I am thankful I only had to do it once. The reality of my story is that the methods we used at the begin were not duplicateable by most and eventually the online competition along with that fact wreaked havoc. The lessons learned for me were huge and I’m happy to say that the rebuilt team is far more solid and productive than the original team!

My friend Adrian had a different kind of story. He came into the Body By Vi Business through a customer connection. From the get- go he followed the Visalus Business plan but had to do most of it long distance because he had just moved to a new city. His initial results were incredible!! He was sure he’d earn his BMW in under 30 days. The reality became that his long distance promoters were struggling to see the vision and thus again not duplicating. Adrian’s team stalled. He was able to gather everyone together to attend a corporate event near his old home and magic happened. By putting his team in a situation where they could hear from and learn from huge numbers of people involved with Promoting The Challenge, everything changed. Adrian’s team took off because no longer were people unsure about the mission or the direction. Belief is worth so much in this industry.

I could go on and on with stories about the real life ups and downs of a Body By Vi business.  The reality is that most people have a growth and learning curve they need to move through to achieve their end goals. When we bring on a new team member into our Body By Vi Business, we train them, support them and then stay with them as they learn, grow and develop as business owners. Some do it slowly and others more quickly. If I’ve learned anything at all, it’s that the system does work if you do and that the speed of success varies greatly but never give up on anyone.  Whether you work your Body By Vi Business part time or full time,  the only way to fail in your is to quit. Stick with it in our team, and we will stick with you until your dreams come true.

To learn more about building a Body By Vi Business with us, visit this webpage and enter your information. We’ll be back with you right away.

Visit This Webpage

Are you Struggling in Your Visalus Business

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Are you struggling in your Visalus Business

Deborah Tutnauer, Visalus Global Leader, speaks about the main reason people struggle in their Visalus business, and the simple solution.

Smart Body By Vi Promoters follow a proven success system that really does work and yield excellent results. Whether working in Visalus in North America or Vi UK, this video will keep you doing the right activity for success.

Visalus Bimmer Club – December Offer

Driving a BMW paid for by Visalus means much more than just a Free car.   It means that you have reached a skill level where you can help others .  It means that you have made a commitment to yourself to learn and grow.  It means you have decided that the only way to change your life is to change you actions – and you have changed those actions!

When you achieve the rank of Visalus Regional Director you earn a monthly Bimmer Bonus and average $1000 – $1500 per month income initially*. Most people at this stage of Promoting The Challenge  are working their Visalus Business part time. What would it feel like to earn $12,000 – $18,000 EXTRA per month PART TIME?

Take a moment to imagine what would change in your life.

  • What would you do?
  • Where would you go?
  • Who would you help?

December is a month of Giving

It’s a time for making plans and sharing love and joy.

I LOVE Promoting the Body By Vi Challenge. The Joy I feel when I help a team member earn their first check is incredible. And when I can link arms with that person and help them earn their Regional Director Rank and their BMW, that is a truly amazing feeling for me!!

This December I am offering the Gift of getting started in your home based business with an Inspiring Bonus Offer


Join the team with a STAR Promoter Kit and receive a FREE Shape Kit and an extra Box of Nutra Cookies! ($135 value)

Join the team with an EXECUTIVE Promoter Kit and receive a FREE Balance Kit and a Box of Neuro Smart Energy. ($80 value)

By taking this simple action you will be raising your hand and volunteering for the fast track to success . In order to devote my time and energy to your fast track to success, there are just Five of these bonuses available. The plan will be designed to have you in your BMW by the end of February 2013, at the latest – as long as you follow the training and do the actions required of fast track performers.

I am Deborah Tutnauer. Learn more about me and decide for yourself if I’m the type of leader/sponsor/ teacher you would like to work with to build your Fortune.

told u so visalus

*Results not typical. The average time to qualify for a BMW bonus varies greatly, and qualification is dependent on reaching and maintaining sales goals. Many Distributors will not qualify for a BMW bonus. Details regarding the qualification requirements are available online

How We are Going to Retire with our Body By Vi Business

My husband and I joined the Body By Vi Business as promoters two years ago this month. This business retire_body_by_vi_businessis right on track to be our retirement and more. Let me tell you a bit about how we are going to Retire with our Body By Vi Business.

Paul , Kaia and I are a unique family . Most of our friends of the same age as us, have children in college or even getting married. We have a ten year old. The plan to retire is crucial to honoring the vows we wrote about at our wedding thirteen years ago.. We have  a lot planned. One of the things we committed was to go live overseas before Kaia became a teenager. We have two years left to achieve that milestone.  Being tied to a JOB , which Paul is now, severely limits our freedom. But that is about to change because of our Body By Vi Business.

We have a little home based business that has become a million dollar business center. We presently earn six figures working from home and expect at the current rate of growth that we will double that income within the next 12 months.  Our Body By Vi Business income is presently just about what Paul earns in his corporate job after 30 years of being a banker. Two years vs. Thirty. Food for thought there. We expect at the current rate of growth, that in one more year we will cover not only his salary, but his bonuses and all the benefits we now get such as health insurance, life insurance, disability and more.  All this for three years of concentrated, committed effort in what started out as our little home based Body By Vi Business.

Hhmmmm….which country should we go live in for the first year abroad?

Where would you go? Click here now and start planning your trip!


Body By Vi 3.0 – Compounding Growth Visalus Sciences

Visalus Sciences launched the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge in the summer of 2009. It was a monumental leap of faith along with a thoroughly researched understanding of how consumers were making spending decisions after the recession hit and also why so many direct sales companies were closing or struggling in the same time period.

visalus_growth_graphBy Summer 2010 it appeared that Visalus had hit a jackpot. In fact by October 2010 Visalus closed out the month with close to 600% revenue growth over January of that same year.  Retention of customers and promoters increased a full 20% in the same time period.

Then things really started getting crazy! In early 2011 the company won the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Biggest Turnaround Award for their results in 2010.  In the Summer of 2011 Visalus Sciences announced the Body By Vi Challenge 2.0 with upgraded websites, tools, marketing materials and more.  And then 2012 hit! Another DSA award ensued for the most growth of any Direct Sales company in 2011.

body_by_vi_business2012 showed continued double digit growth every month. By summer 2012 a new person was joining the Body By Vi Challenge every 20 seconds across North America. Every single second of every day, 7 people drink a Vi Shape Shake. Every 40 minutes a new Visalus promoter qualifies for the Body By Vi BMW Bonus.

At Vitality 2012, the biggest company event of the year, over 20,000 people sat in the stands at the Miami Heat Arena as Visalus announced Body By Vi 3.0. The branding had matured into one fitting of a Billion Dollar Brand. Every aspect of Visalus is polished, upgraded, edgy, accessible and appealing. Now in full momentum Visalus is poised to take it’s rightful place as one of the biggest success stories in Direct Selling history.

Now it is your turn. Grab the tail of this shooting star and realize your dreams by helping others get healthy, fit and financially free!



The Fallacy of Corporate America

The Matrix exposed the first Fallacy. “Neo” Nick Sarnicola recreates Neo to expose the Fallacy of Corporate America.

Body By Vi for Work At Home Moms

Short and sweet. Working at home is ideal for moms if the business they get involved  body by vi work at home moms choose Visaluswith is fun, lucrative and let’s them work with integrity and flexibility.

Personally I have been involved in a number of different types of work at home businesses. I’ve done a few party plans many years ago, and spent some time in the “juice wars” four or five years ago as well. The differences I have found with promoting Body By Vi are numerous. Since this is a business let’s talk money first.

I have worked each of my businesses with a professional focus and because of that I never lost money. Unfortunately I never made a financial killing either, even with every “T” crossed and “I” dotted. I probably earned more than average in a number of home based businesses, but it was not until Visalus that I began seeing the true power of network marketing done right. At the time of this writing, I have been working with Visalus for 9 months and have created a full time income higher than the average salary of many Americans. In addition, our family gets about $500 in F*ree Body By Vi Challenge kits every month!

The Body by Vi products are ideal for families. I drink my Vi Shake every day for breakfast and as my after workout protein. My husband consumes his as  lunch at work and sometimes again for dinner. Our nine year old daughter has the shakes as a snack, adding protein and nutrients to her daily diet.

Challenge parties are FUN! Because they are parties, the whole family can participate as opposed to sending the spouse and children to the basement. In fact, guests love hearing what my child has to say…it’s always funny and enlightening!

There are starting to be some copy cat companies jumping on the success that Visalus has had with the 90 Day Challenge. At first glance they look similar and one might wonder if they might be a better business choice. Upon a second glance though it becomes quickly obvious that their compensation and product line is lacking. I would warn work at home moms to do your due diligence. There is a good reason why Visalus and the Body By Vi challenge is enrolling 48,000 people per month…and giving away 13  BMW’s per day. There is also a reason why programs like the GetSkinnyContest, are copying us. Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery.

Learn more about how you can make a full time income from home, working part time hours. Body By Vi WAHM

Visalus Sciences Business – Exploding July and Onward

Hype is hype. Facts are fact. In the month of July Visalus Sciences grew another 18%. That’s double Body By Vi Businessdigit growth for all seven months of 2012, following 678% growth in 2010.

48,515 people JOIN Body By Vi in July. That’s on top of similar numbers in prior months who have continued on the 90 Day Challenge, completing 3 months and then re-upping for another Challenge and then another!!

July 2011 saw 3428 people become new Directors, making an average monthly income between $500 and $1000 per month. Imagine what just that amount of money can for so many who are struggling in America today?

363 people qualified for their Free Visalus BMW as new Regional Directors! There were 72 new National Directors, 31 Presidential Directors, 15 New Ambassadors (now they are hitting 5 figures per month), 12 – 1 Star Ambassadors, 3 – 2 Star Ambassadors and 1 – New FIVE Star Ambassador.

This is in what is classically known as one of the slowest months in the network marketing industry. Not Here!!

Now it’s your turn.

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