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best weight loss shake | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Body By Vi Results – What these numbers mean to you

158,000  new people joined the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge in March 2012. That follows 113, 000 in February and a bit over 100,000 in January. Do the math and you’ll see that almost 400,000 people started their challenge in 2012. By the end of the first quarter of this year, over half a million people will have begun their 90 day health transformation. What is this telling you about Body By Vi Results?

These numbers are telling you that the Body By Vi health transformation platform is working for people With an almost 10 to 1 ratio of customers to promoters, you don’t see this type of exponential growth unless customers are satisfied, happy, even ecstatic!

Weight loss in our society is hard. We are constantly assailed by food advertising, tempting scents of fried food and access to more sugar in a day than older societies had in a year. Under these conditions it is tricky to consistently make healthy food choices and maintain optimal weight, and a toned fit body. The Body By Vi challenge addresses all of this with hundreds of delicious recipes to conquer any flavor cravings, a simple easy to create shake that fills the stomach with out emptying the wallet and a suppport community so that you feel like you are part of something bigger than just yourself.  It’s no longer just you and your diet fighting against mass media and temptation. It’s you and over a million others on the road to better health together, changing lives and families.

Body By Vi results are proven. These numbers mean that The Challenge works. People are talking about it and sharing it with those they love. Who do you know who needs to make a change in how they eat?  Who do you know who is suffering from weight related diseases and disorders? Who do you know who would  love to get their sexy back and be fit and energetic? Send them here to get started—->>>


Body By Vi Challenge – Guaranteed New Year’s Resolution Solution

The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is THE guaranteed New Year’s Resolution Solution!

Lose weight – gain muscle – save money – have fun – win prizes

Vi-Shape nutritional shake mix forms the core of the Body By Vi Challenge.

Order Your Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake today and get started on your Body By Vi Challenge. The first 90 days of 2012 will set you up for healthier, fitter you for the entire year!  With a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your first 30 days, there is literally nothing to lose and no risk. What are you waiting for?

Join the Body By Vi Challenge today!


What now for HCG lovers? FDA calls HCG products fraudulent

Seven companies that manufacture and distribute HCG as a product to promote weight loss. HCG is approved by the FDA in injectible form for use with fertility issues. It has never been approved by the FDA for weight loss. When people use HCG for weight loss they are typically restricted to a 500 calorie diet. According the FDA,””There is no substantial evidence HCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from the recommended caloric restriction,” said Elizabeth Miller, acting director of the FDA’s fraud unit for OTC products, during a conference call with reporters.”

FDA and FTC further said, ” The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission said over-the-counter weight-loss products containing human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) are fraudulent and illegal, and the agencies have told seven manufacturers to stop selling them.”

Many, many people love the HCG diet because they have experienced fast weight loss when they may have struggled before. Critics claim that the severe calorie restrictions are dangerous and that by doing that, when  a person goes back to healthy eating and no HCG, they have slowed their metabolism down substantially and end up gaining much if not all of the weight back.

Now that HCG will no longer be an option for weight loss unless obtained illegally, what now for HCG lovers?

One option would be the Body By Vi Challenge. Where HCG is very calorie restricted, the Body By Vi challenge is about teaching a person to eat healthy meals and snacks while replacing two meals per day with a nutrient rich meal replacement shake. The average weight loss on the Body By Vi Challenge is comparable to the HCG diet. Since the Body By Vi Challenge teaches a lifestyle for lifelong weight control and ultimate health, people do not usually experience a significant weight gain when stopping the program, unless of course they return to unhealthy eating habits.

The Body By Vi Challenge costs just $2 per meal for those needed to lose under 20 pounds. For those with greater weight loss goals, the Transformation Kit costs $8 per day for two meals along with other weight loss support products. This is the kit that is used most consistently by our Body By Vi Challenge winners. At $8 per day for 2 meals, and adding healthy snacks and dinner, most people still save money or break even on their pre-challenge grocery bills. In addition, with the Body By Vi Challenge, all customers can get their kits for free every month by introducing the Body By Vi Challenge to their friends and family and getting a group all supporting each other!!

HCG lovers, there is an option for you that will work, is legal and is safe. Check out the Body By Vi Challenge at www.BestWeightLossShake.com

Lose Weight California – What’s Best?

Never before in history have their been so many solutions to a problem that is 100% lose weight californiapreventible. This is seriously weird when you stop to think about it. Millions of dollars are involved in the weight loss industry, including books, doctors, pills, products, bootcamps, trainers and more. We could wax philosophically for weeks trying to understand what has led our nation and our culture down such a  twisted path. Believe me when I tell you that 200 years ago it was rare indeed to hear about people who were fat or obese. The rigors of life and the hardship of getting enough food and nutrients easily took care of that.

But now we have a problem. We have become lazy and complacent and for that we are paying a huge price in our health, our energy and our economy. So out of the problem has come thousands if not millions of solutions. So what is an overweight person to do?

Lose Weight California is actually written for anyone, anywhere. I have to be sitting in California as I”m writing it, so why not start here. Land of movie stars, surfers and the endless summer tan bikini babe. I’d love to dive into all the major weight loss options there are, but that would mean writing a book instead of a blog post. Instead I’d like to share something that I know to be fact.

In less than one year sharing the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge with people, I have personally seen more people lose more and tell a story of never being successful in that endeavor until now. I have relatives and friends who have been truly obese for decades, losing 30 -50-80-100 pounds with the Body By Vi Challenge by Visalus. Why is that happening? Because it works!! The Body By Vi Challenge works and it’s easy and it tastes great and you save money.

My story is less dramatic but maybe more similar to yours. I gained a good 25 pounds when I was pregnant 12 years ago. I lost some but kept some. The age of wisdom hit and the extra fleshy parts remained. No amount of exercising or “dieting” made any difference. Then I started on the Body By Vi Challenge and the Vi Shake! In just two months I had lost 10 pounds and 6 inches. That was my goal and I’d reached it when I could not reach it before. I was hooked!!

Eight months later I am still a size ZERO and getting more and more buff every week in the gym. So if you are looking to Lose Weight California, or anywhere else in North America, you really have to try this starting today. With a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose but the weight!!

Order Yours Now —>> www.BestWeighLossShake.com

Why One Woman Feels Visalus Has Saved Her Life

The information below is a personal testimonial.

From Lori Ann Schermerhorn “I went to the doctor today to get the result of my MRI from last week. I had one last year and they found four lesions on my brain and signs of MS. TODAY I received great news, I now only have three lesions, they are smaller in size, and there is no sign of MS!

    • Lori Continued: “He ask me what I was doing, and I told them the only things different is ViSalus- two Vi-shakes a day (meal replacement), Neuro (drinking 2 a day) and whats very important the vi-pack. He had never heard of it,so I gave him my business card, and I will stop in next week to talk to him. So I have had a extraordinary day! ViSalus has changed my life, and now I can say it has saved my life.”

It’s amazing what the human body can do when it is given the necessary nutrients in an form that can be fully utilized!

Visalus Nutritional Shakes and Visalus Vi-Pak are chock full of what your body needs. It is very difficult these days to get all the nutrients you need from you food. Even if you eat organically and carefully, soils have been depleted and a peach of 2011 is not the same fruit as a peach of 1950. That is why a great vitamin/mineral supplement along with a highly nutritious shake, can up your body’s ability to heal itself!

Order yours now at http://BestWeightLossShake.com