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Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge| Visalus Body By Vi Weight Loss| Body By Vi - Part 2

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Eat for Free


In our house we consumes hundreds of meals that cost us NOTHING! Here's how that is possible. When you are a customer with Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge, you are able to earn free Challenge Kits (Free Visalus Shakes) just for referring 3 … [Continue reading]

Body By Vi Active Challenge Finalist – I Did It!!

 Deborah Tutnauer becomes the Body By Vi Active Challenge Female Finalist for September. Deborah is a  Transformational Success Coach. She climbed 13 mountains in 72 days to illuminate the power of overcoming challenges for any body in any … [Continue reading]

Awesome Videos From Mountain Tops – Body By Vi Challenge

Climbing Mountains was the focus this summer for Body By Vi 90 Day Active Challenge. Join me on 4 of the 13 - one I even filmed on a narrow ridge walk! … [Continue reading]

The Meaning of Challenge – 13 Peaks in 90 Days

13 peaks

I was reviewing the experience of climbing 13 mountains for my 90 day active challenge. By now you know the challenge was actually completed in 73 days...and I was super excited about that - because it meant that all my peaks got to happen in … [Continue reading]

90 Day Active Challenge – Climbing Mountains


This summer I completed an epic Body By  Vi 90 Day Challenge in the ACTIVE category by climbing 13 mountains in Colorado.. I called it the Peak a Week Challenge , since it was technically 12 peaks in 12 weeks. The reality was 13 peaks accomplished  … [Continue reading]

Beyond the Blender – Vi Shakes – Not Just for Drinking

I LOVE that Visalus now has a website dedicated to non-Shake Vi Recipes!! I've been cooking with my Vi Shake Nutritional Shake Mix for 3 years, but I am not much of a cook. I make Vi Chocolate pudding and a semi- fair Vi pancake. A few months … [Continue reading]

Average Revenue Per MLM Distributor – Visalus Business


Average Revenue Per MLM Distributor - Visalus Business Based on 2010 statistics, the average revenue per  active MLM distributor throughout the industry, is $1400 per year. This breaks down to $116 per month per person. This number is the amount … [Continue reading]

Body By Vi Business Statistics – Visalus 2012 Year in Review Video

Body By Vi Business Statistics - Visalus 2012 Year in Review Video   What's coming next in 2013 and beyond? Call 970-209-7473 to discuss and learn how you can make a difference and make an living! … [Continue reading]

How to Order Vi Crunch Transformational Weight Loss Cereal

Watch the video for step-by-step instruction on how to order Vi Crunch Transformational Weight Loss Cereal Be one of the first people in the world to taste and benefit from Vi Crunch.  We'd love  you to leave a comment below after you try the Vi … [Continue reading]

Vi Crunch Redefines Breakfast

Vi Crunch

Vi Crunch Redefines Breakast It's Crunch Time!! It's your shake in a flake! The number one weight loss shake in North America now available in a weight loss cereal. Vi Crunch Transformational Cereal will change breakfast forever. For the same … [Continue reading]