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Body By Vi WAHM | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Body By Vi WAHM

When something is so easy that your children can do it, it visalus work at home mombecomes obvious that so can everyone else. Promoting the Body By Vi Challenge is one of these things. I don’t care how many networking businesses you’ve tried. Or which Party Plan companies you’ve worked. It doesn’t matter if you have been a raving success with any of these, or a dismal failure. Work at home moms Promoting the Body By Vi Challenge is simple, duplicable and lucrative.

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Mom’s work hard enough. When we take on a home based business we need it to be something that is a natural extension of our interests, our lives and our family. Visalus Shakes improve the nutrition of the entire family as well as save money on groceries. Parents consume them for weight loss and/or fitness. Kids love them for added protein and nutrition. Grandparents find that they often have more energy and muscle strength.

We wear many hats: Mother, Wife, Woman, Friend. In each area of our lives it a natural conversation to talk about weight loss or nutrition. In fact spend just one week and document how many times the topic of losing weight or getting in shape comes up with your friends, co-workers and family. Since customers and promoters of the Body By Vi Challenge get FREE products (all it takes is 3 customers to get FREE!), the entire family ends up enjoying free Vi Shakes. Nothing wrong what that perk.

In Visalus we share Vi Shakes and we press play on our DVD players or computers. Never in all my years in this industry have I seen a simpler plan to teach and duplicate and thus give Moms the ability to earn good money from home with less effort.

Body By Vi WAHM’s are a huge subset of the company.

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