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Visalus Germany | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Vi Germany

Poised to become the number one company in the world in the fight against obesity, Visalus Sciences today announced that they are launching in Germany and Austria effective immediately.

Vi  Germany  – Project 10 Challenge Germany

Visalus is presently the number two weight loss platform in the United States, behind only Weight Watchers. Their innovative focus on P10 – Project 10 – The first 10 pounds – has helped hundreds of thousands of people conquer their weight and feel good about their progress.

Studies have shown that when a person loses the first ten pounds, it become psychologically easier to lose the next ten and the next 10. Visalus awards customers and promoters for losing 10 and helping others lose 10.

Now they are taking this winning formula to the fourth largest economy in the world and one that sadly also has a population that is moving more and more into the obese category. Whether it’s just 10 pounds, or whether it’s 100, the Body By Vi Challenge will be changing lives in Germany and Austria starting in January 2014. Project 10 Challenge Germany is on the way!

We Challenge You to take action!

If  you are reading this prior to 19 January 2014 in Germany or Austria, please email ASAP to info@join-body-by-vi.com

If after 19 January 2014, visit http://WhatIsTheChallenge.com and choose your country to get started!


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