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Body By Vi - What to Eat Daily Routine on The Challenge | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Body By Vi – What to Eat Daily Routine on The Challenge

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Body By Vi –  What to Eat Daily Routine on  The Challenge

So you are about to get started on your Body By Vi Challenge. You know you are going to be replacing two meals per day with a Vi Shake. But you are not sure what else you are supposed to eat and not eat while on your challenge. This article will give you the daily meal and food routine while on your Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

The Challenge is simple and is designed to inspire you to create a lifestyle change that will continue long after your 90 Day butterfinger visalus shakeChallenge is over. Body By Vi is not a diet. If you follow the instructions you should not feel deprived. Vi Shakes have over 1000 recipes to choose from, so you can soothe most cravings with a healthy nutritious shake.

While on the Body  By Vi Challenge for weight loss, you will replace two meals per day with a Vi Shape Nutritional Shake. You will also have two healthy protein rich snacks and a normal healthy third meal. Your snacks should be about 150 – 200 calories depending on your size and should consist of a protein with a fruit or vegetable.

Body By Vi Challenge Snack Suggestions:

  • Apple and String Cheese
  • Non-fat Greek yogurt and berries
  • Hard boiled egg and cucumber
  • 15 almonds and carrot
  • 1/2 can tuna with lettuce
  • 2 slices turkey and clementine
  • Visalus Nutra-Cookie

Your meal can be almost anything as long as you are conscious of the healthy eating lifestyle you are aspiring to.  In most cases you don’t need to measure or weigh your food. A healthy main meal consists of a protein, lots of veggies and salads and occasionally whole grain like yams, quinoa, brown rice. In general, eat things like pasta, pizza, fast food, no more than once per week. If you like a alcoholic beverage, drink something plain like white wine, or vodka and soda. Stay away from brightly colored drinks with little umbrellas in them (LOL). Stick with no more than one drink per day, or none if that works into your lifestyle.

There are deserts that you can create with the Vi shake. In general, wean yourself off sugar snacks and deserts. Yet realize that if you are a party, it’s OK to have a small piece of cake. Just keep it to special occasions and only have one.

When you order your Vi Shake from this link - you will have access to a private Facebook group with files filled with recipes for meals, shakes and snacks as well as exercise suggestions and more.



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