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How to Order Visalus Body By Vi Shake with No Autoship | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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How to Order Visalus Body By Vi Shake with No Autoship

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How to order Visalus Body By Vi shake with no autoship and still get the benefits of Preferred Customer pricing and access to all the 90 day Challenge tools?

Many people find themselves on Ebay or Amazon looking for and finding the Vi Shape Nutritional Shake. It’s an OK solution and does solve the initial problem. Unfortunately, what people do not realize is they are just ordering the shakes but missing out on The Challenge. The success of the Body By Vi Challenge is part product, part community, part education , part information and part support.  It is much more than just a bag of shake powder. Yet when people order through a site that does not lead them to setting up a Visalus customer account through the Visalus system, they are missing out on all but the powder, thinking that it is the only way to save a few dollars.

Not anymore.

There is a way to create you Visalus Customer Account , have access to the entire Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge platform, and get preferred customer pricing without fearing the autoship. Let me explain how.

When you become a customer of Visalus you receive an account that can be accessed by you at any time. By using your user name and password, you have 100% control over future orders and autoship.

This video shows the steps to order you Visalus shake online.  Click Here for Video

Start at www.BestWeighLossShake.com

In the ordering process, choose an autoship date so that you receive preferred customer pricing. Pick the 19th of the month as your date. When your order is complete you will see a confirmation page show up on your computer screen. SAVE THIS PAGE!!!!!!

I suggest you print it out AND take a screen shot of it too if you know how.

Now you have two choices: You can wait until you receive your kit and then cancel your autoship, or make a note in your calendar to go cancel your autoship on the 12th of the following month, 7 days prior to the next scheduled shipment.

Here are the steps for canceling:

1. Log in to Visalus Vi Net back office. You’ll need your username or ID number and your password. If you don’t have these, you’ll need to get back with the person who set up your account or call Visalus at 877-Visalus. Start at Visalus.com and click “login”2. Go to the menu tab that says “Shop”3. Click on “My Autoship”4. Click the edit icon next to your order

5. Change the date in the drop down menu if you just want to do that – go to the bottom and save.

6. To cancel completely, find your kit in the product list, and change the “1” in the box to a “0”. Scroll to the bottom and “save”. Fill out the brief questions that appear.



  1. how do i cancel ???? i am in canada

    • Log in to your account at Visalus.com. with your username and password. Go to SHOP> Autoship > edit icon. Change the “1” in the box to a “0”. Or call Visalus directly at 877-visalus

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