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Every 8 Seconds….Someone in North America Join Body By Vi Challenge

Every 8 seconds someone in North America joins The  Body By Vi Challenge…  Count with me.

1 – mississippi – 2 -mississippi-3-mississippi – 4 – mississippi – 5 – mississippi – 6 – mississippi – 7 – mississippi – 8  – someone just joined

Oh and if you count out 45 minutes… someone who decided to promoter the Body By Vi Challenge just earned a Visalus BMW Bonus!

Yep..Every 45 minutes -  BMW Baby!!!

  • So we’ve got people losing weight
  • Men and Women gaining muscle and getting Fit
  • Everyone saving money over what they used to spend on non-nutritious food
  • Many saving money on medical prescriptions that they used to need for weight related ailments (Sshh..don’t tell the drug lobbies)
  • Groups forming in neighborhood to help each other stay focused and committed to health    (Did you know that you are over 70% more likely to stick to a weight loss or fitness program if you do it with 3 other friends than if you do it alone
  • Challengers who share it with others get FREE Challenge kits… even if they are just customer (Visalus LOVES customers!)
  • Promoters of the Challenge receive the best training in the Direct Sales industry, along with a complete Marketing System and multiple websites

join_body_by_viLearn more about why Visalus Sciences earned the Direct Selling Association (DSA) most growth award for 600% growth in 2011. It will be crazy when the 2012 numbers comes out!!

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  1. Social Joe says:

    Awesome…numbers give a powerful description

  2. I really like how you broke that down. I like the simplicity.

  3. Very cool that is a very simple way to put it and numbers and statistics are always a great way to get your point across. You have a very up to date touch on society and how they want to be related to, bottom line is always best. Thank you for putting this together, great job keep up the good work.

  4. Does this mean that there are that many people that are overweight or just that many people aren’t happy with the way they look. I have been trying to lose fat more than weight and I am considering this Intermittent fast thing that is getting started, then I realized that this is about the same thing because all you are eating are these shakes right?

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