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Visalus National Success Training Kansas City - Free Ticket | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

Visalus National Success Training Kansas City – Free Ticket

Three times per year Visalus has a National gathering. Two of them are National Success Trainings and one is Vitality, which takes place in the summer.

The events are unlike any you have attended with any other company. I can promise you that!

In just two weeks (March 23 – 25, 2012) over 15,000 Visalians will converge in Kansas City, MS. The city is setting aside two entire blocks near the convention center just for Body By Vi BMW parking! Imagine that?!!

114,000 NEW people joined the Body By Vi Challenge in February 2012. Over 10,000,000 Vi shakes have been served. 930 new people reached Regional Director in February alone and qualified for their Free BMW!

I want you to experience this amazing company for yourself.

Come be my guest in Kansas City!

Here is how it works

  1. Join Visalus as a Promoter with an Executive Success System (ESS Kit)
  2. Register for the Visalus National Success Training
  3. Get your hotel and transportation to Kansas City
  4. Arrange a  place to meet me at the Convention Center.
  5. I’ll hand you a check for the cost of your Registration!
  6. If after the event you decide that being a Visalus Promoter is not for you, return your ESS Kit (within 3o days from when you purchased it) and receive a full refund

Join The Body By Vi Challenge Today!

**This offer is for those who have not YET joined The Challenge. It is a special offer!


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