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Weight Gain Over the Holidays - Don't do it!! | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Weight Gain Over the Holidays – Don’t do it!!

The average American gains 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and then only loses about 6.Body By Vi Gift Basket Over many years those extra few pounds per year add up to 10 or 20 or 50 extra pounds that your body is not happy with.

Here is how you can at least maintain and not gain over the holidays using the Body By Vi Shakes

So…even though the next 5 weeks are filled with goodies, it’s not every day and you can make a plan.

You don’t want to deny yourself the fun and the special treats. But you do want to keep well nourished and have a plan so you don’t over indulge. On the days that there are no parties, or dinners, do your Body By Vi program – 2 shakes, 2 snacks, a healthy meal. On big feast days like tomorrow or Christmas, have a shake for breakfast, a piece of fruit and some yogurt mid day (even mix a bit of shake mix into the yogurt) and then your feast. You won’t eat as much because you’ve nourished your body and you are not as hungry as you would be if you’d waited all day to eat.

On all the other days, make a plan. If you know there will be treats, give yourself a limit before walking in. Have shakes for breakfast and lunch and then enjoy the dinner party, but make a decision about dessert before you get there to only a tiny taste. If there are treats at your office and baking going on in your house, make a plan. Allow yourself one, so you don’t feel deprived and then make yourself a shake using one of the holiday recipes so your mouth is filled with the flavor of pumpkin pie or chocolate brownie without the calories and fat.

Use the Visalus Nutra Cookies ( in 3 delicious flavors!) while you are on the go..shopping, visiting, etc… keep them in your car, or bag so that you have a healthy, high protein snack when you get really hungry rather than stopping for 800 calories at the food court!!

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