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Latest News from Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Latest News from Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge

The news is huge . In July Visalus Sciences was welcoming 42,000 people per monthVisalus Body By Vi into the Body By Vi Challenge. By the end of September that number had almost doubled to over 81,000 people joining the challenge. That is 2700 people per day joining the challenge throughout the USA and Canada. Why is this and what is going on with this company?

They say that success leaves clues. Results leave clues. As hundred of thousands of people lose weight and get fit with the challenge they turn around and share their experiences with others. People who have been held down by being overweight and unsuccessful with other weight loss programs are feeling themselves change and get their live and their vitality back.

Visalus is a customer driven company. They have a 10 to 1 ratio of customers to distributors. What this means is that they have discovered the secret mantra that is missing from the design of so many companies in the network marketing industry.  What is that secret mantra? If we told you then it wouldn’t be a secret, would it? Let’s just say that if one were to take stock of all the network marketing companies that have longevity and a solid ongoing business base and model, you will see one thing in common with all of them. It is a simple as the little old lady who will not ever put anything on her face than a certain brand of face cream, or a mom who only washes her clothes in her favorite organic laundry soap. It is a simple as a focus on network marketing getting back to it’s roots and remembering that it is people who need and love and use their products are the people who form the long term stability of the company and the long term residual income of the company.

Visalus Sciences and the Body By Vi Challenge is seeing huge success and is currently the fastest growing home based business in North America today because they understand the true roots of network marketing and the way that a company needs to position itself in the new economy.


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