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Order Body By Vi Shakes – Easiest Way to Purchase Body By Vi Shakes Online

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In this simple step-by-step video, we walk you through the easiest way to order Body By Vi online. To purchase Body By Vi shakes using the internet, just follow the simple “How to buy Body By Vi” instructions in this video. This is how to Join the Body By Vi Challenge!


  1. This challenge is life changing …..i’ve lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks ! So do yourself a favor get on it !

  2. What I love about the shake mix is that it is soooo versatile and my kids love it! For them it’s an add-on treat that is good for them.

  3. Too simple! I would also point out that it is cheaper to order your body by vi shakes and have them ship every month so you pay wholesale price instead of retail price.

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