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How to Get a Free Visalus BMW? | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

Order ONLINE or Call (970) 209-7473

How to Get a Free Visalus BMW? – 303 People Got Their’s Last Month

During the March Madness Month, 303 Visalus Promoters qualified for their Free BMW. In case you are math challenged (LOL!) that is 10 Bimmers per day that were given away in the March.

So how do you get yours?

1. You Join Visalus as a Promoter of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge?

2. Immediately go through the GST (Get Started Training) with your

3. Make a commitment to reach Rising Star Director by following the proven steps. 887 new Body by vi Promoters reached Rising Star in the month of March.

4. Once you are a Director, you will have 3 active distributors on your team and at least 3 customers (FREE AUTOSHIP!).

5. Now comes the FUN part! HELP your people do what you just did. Get them to Rising Star Director in the their first 30 days as Promoters.
Do exactly that with Six (6) people on your team and you will be a Visalus Regional Director and qualify for your FREE BMW.

At first glance, many can’t believe that it is that easy. But the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Visalus is giving away free cars faster and to more people than any other company in the industry, present and past. The reason why is because the structure, the product, the results are making it simple for people to Promote the Challenge .

You can be driving a BMW paid for by Visalus Science by this summer. Go to this link now and get started!


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