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Hormones, Belly Fat and Menopause | Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge Information and Order

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Hormones, Belly Fat and Menopause

…It makes sense to think basic calorie in and energy out. I didn’t realize until I started researching over the past few months, that it’s not that simple — especially for “mature” women like us!

There is a vast interplay of hormones that actually triggers our body to store fat vs. to release it. I too am a vegetarian and a relatively healthy eater. I used to be a gym rat prior to husband and child. But I was pregnant shortly before I hit menopause and no matter what I did..how little I ate, how much I exercised, how few carbs, how much protein, the weight did not go away. It’s been frustrating for the past 6 years.

When I decided to give Body By Vi (http://body-by-vi-90-day-challenge.com/) a try I went crazy doing research. The info that I am working on turning into a small ebook was all focused on these hormones – estrogen/testoterone, cortisol/human growth hormone and leptin. You have to shift the body’s response to and formation of these hormones with your diet choices and your exercise regimen in order to “trick it” into letting go of the extra fat.

The BBV shakes are not just another meal replacement shake. The protein in the shake comes from 3 sources..and one of the 3 is a unique and patented protein developed in Denmark for athletes. The protein actually changes the way that your body metabolizes the sugars in any carbs that you eat — essentially causing a decrease in fat and an increase in lean muscle. It’s called “Prolibra”. You can google it and read all kinds of scientific studies. It is an expensive protein and it is found in the Vi Shakes.. Prolibra is approved in the EU and in the US and both governments say that it truly does what it says it does.

For me…I very quickly lost the weight..(it was only 9 pounds, but they’d been hanging around for years) and over 6 inches off my waist and hips mostly.

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  1. Glad you did the research on this as i dont like artificial sweetners either.

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